DICOM File Metadata Table

Tag Type Description
0002,0000 UL Group Length
0002,0001 OB File Meta Information Version
0002,0002 UI Media Storage SOP Class UID
0002,0003 UI Media Storage SOP Instance UID
0002,0010 UI Transfer Syntax UID
0002,0012 UI Implementation Class UID
0002,0013 SH Implementation Version Name
0002,0016 AE Source Application Entity Title
0002,0100 UI Private Information Creator UID
0002,0102 OB Private Information
0004,0000 UL Group Length
0004,1130 CS File-set ID
0004,1141 CS File-set Descriptor File ID
0004,1142 CS Specific Character Set of File-set Descriptor File
0004,1200 UL Offset of the First Directory Record of the Root Directory
0004,1202 UL Offset of the Last Directory Record of the Root Directory
0004,1212 US File-set Consistency Flag
0004,1220 SQ Directory Record Sequence
0004,1400 UL Offset of the Next Directory Record
0004,1410 US Record In-use Flag
0004,1420 UL Offset of Referenced Lower-Level Directory Entity
0004,1430 CS Directory Record Type
0004,1432 UI Private Record UID
0004,1500 CS Referenced File ID
0004,1504 UL MRDR Directory Record Offset
0004,1510 UI Referenced SOP Class UID in File
0004,1511 UI Referenced SOP Instance UID in File
0004,1512 UI Referenced Transfer Syntax UID in File
0004,151A UI Referenced Related General SOP Class UID in File
0004,1600 UL Number of References
0008,0001 UL Length to End
0008,0005 CS Specific Character Set
0008,0008 CS Image Type
0008,0010 CS Recognition Code
0008,0012 DA Instance Creation Date
0008,0013 TM Instance Creation Time
0008,0014 UI Instance Creator UID
0008,0016 UI SOP Class UID
0008,0018 UI SOP Instance UID
0008,001A UI Related General SOP Class UID
0008,001B UI Original Specialized SOP Class UID
0008,0020 DA Study Date
0008,0021 DA Series Date
0008,0022 DA Acquisition Date
0008,0023 DA Content Date
0008,0024 DA Overlay Date
0008,0025 DA Curve Date
0008,002A DT Acquisition Datetime
0008,0030 TM Study Time
0008,0031 TM Series Time
0008,0032 TM Acquisition Time
0008,0033 TM Content Time
0008,0034 TM Overlay Time
0008,0035 TM Curve Time
0008,0040 US Data Set Type
0008,0041 LO Data Set Subtype
0008,0042 CS Nuclear Medicine Series Type
0008,0050 SH Accession Number
0008,0052 CS Query/Retrieve Level
0008,0054 AE Retrieve AE Title
0008,0056 CS Instance Availability
0008,0058 UI Failed SOP Instance UID List
0008,0060 CS Modality
0008,0061 CS Modalities in Study
0008,0062 UI SOP Classes in Study
0008,0064 CS Conversion Type
0008,0068 CS Presentation Intent Type
0008,0070 LO Manufacturer
0008,0080 LO Institution Name
0008,0081 ST Institution Address
0008,0082 SQ Institution Code Sequence
0008,0090 PN Referring Physician's Name
0008,0092 ST Referring Physician's Address
0008,0094 SH Referring Physician's Telephone Numbers
0008,0096 SQ Referring Physician Identification Sequence
0008,0100 SH Code Value
0008,0102 SH Coding Scheme Designator
0008,0103 SH Coding Scheme Version
0008,0104 LO Code Meaning
0008,0105 CS Mapping Resource
0008,0106 DT Context Group Version
0008,0107 DT Context Group Local Version
0008,010B CS Context Group Extension Flag
0008,010C UI Coding Scheme UID
0008,010D UI Context Group Extension Creator UID
0008,010F CS Context Identifier
0008,0110 SQ Coding Scheme Identification Sequence
0008,0112 LO Coding Scheme Registry
0008,0114 ST Coding Scheme External ID
0008,0115 ST Coding Scheme Name
0008,0116 ST Responsible Organization
0008,0201 SH Timezone Offset From UTC
0008,1000 AE Network ID
0008,1010 SH Station Name
0008,1030 LO Study Description
0008,1032 SQ Procedure Code Sequence
0008,103E LO Series Description
0008,1040 LO Institutional Department Name
0008,1048 PN Physician(s) of Record
0008,1049 SQ Physician(s) of Record Identification Sequence
0008,1050 PN Performing Physician's Name
0008,1052 SQ Performing Physician Identification Sequence
0008,1060 PN Name of Physician(s) Reading Study
0008,1062 SQ Physician(s) Reading Study Identification Sequence
0008,1070 PN Operators' Name
0008,1072 SQ Operator Identification Sequence
0008,1080 LO Admitting Diagnoses Description
0008,1084 SQ Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence
0008,1090 LO Manufacturer's Model Name
0008,1100 SQ Referenced Results Sequence
0008,1110 SQ Referenced Study Sequence
0008,1111 SQ Referenced Performed Procedure Step Sequence
0008,1115 SQ Referenced Series Sequence
0008,1120 SQ Referenced Patient Sequence
0008,1125 SQ Referenced Visit Sequence
0008,1130 SQ Referenced Overlay Sequence
0008,113A SQ Referenced Waveform Sequence
0008,1140 SQ Referenced Image Sequence
0008,1145 SQ Referenced Curve Sequence
0008,114A SQ Referenced Instance Sequence
0008,114B SQ Referenced Real World Value Mapping Instance
0008,1150 UI Referenced SOP Class UID
0008,1155 UI Referenced SOP Instance UID
0008,115A UI SOP Classes Supported
0008,1160 IS Referenced Frame Number
0008,1195 UI Transaction UID
0008,1197 US Failure Reason
0008,1198 SQ Failed SOP Sequence
0008,1199 SQ Referenced SOP Sequence
0008,1200 SQ Studies Containing Other Referenced Instances
0008,1250 SQ Related Series Sequence
0008,2110 CS Lossy Image Compression
0008,2111 ST Derivation Description
0008,2112 SQ Source Image Sequence
0008,2120 SH Stage Name
0008,2122 IS Stage Number
0008,2124 IS Number of Stages
0008,2127 SH View Name
0008,2128 IS View Number
0008,2129 IS Number of Event Timers
0008,212A IS Number of Views in Stage
0008,2130 DS Event Elapsed Time(s)
0008,2132 LO Event Timer Name(s)
0008,2142 IS Start Trim
0008,2143 IS Stop Trim
0008,2144 IS Recommended Display Frame Rate
0008,2200 CS Transducer Position
0008,2204 CS Transducer Orientation
0008,2208 CS Anatomic Structure
0008,2218 SQ Anatomic Region Sequence
0008,2220 SQ Anatomic Region Modifier Sequence
0008,2228 SQ Primary Anatomic Structure Sequence
0008,2229 SQ Anatomic Structure, Space or Region Sequence
0008,2230 SQ Primary Anatomic Structure Modifier Sequence
0008,2240 SQ Transducer Position Sequence
0008,2242 SQ Transducer Position Modifier Sequence
0008,2244 SQ Transducer Orientation Sequence
0008,2246 SQ Transducer Orientation Modifier Sequence
0008,3001 SQ Alternate Representation Sequence
0008,3010 UI Irradiation Event UID
0008,4000 LT Identifying Comments
0008,9007 CS Frame Type
0008,9092 SQ Referenced Image Evidence Sequence
0008,9121 SQ Referenced Raw Data Sequence
0008,9123 UI Creator-Version UID
0008,9124 SQ Derivation Image Sequence
0008,9154 SQ Source Image Evidence Sequence
0008,9205 CS Pixel Presentation
0008,9206 CS Volumetric Properties
0008,9207 CS Volume Based Calculation Technique
0008,9208 CS Complex Image Component
0008,9209 CS Acquisition Contrast
0008,9215 SQ Derivation Code Sequence
0008,9237 SQ Referenced Grayscale Presentation State Sequence
0008,9410 SQ Referenced Other Plane Sequence
0008,9458 SQ Frame Display Sequence
0008,9459 FL Recommended Display Frame Rate in Float
0008,9460 CS Skip Frame Range Flag
0010,0010 PN Patient's Name
0010,0020 LO Patient ID
0010,0021 LO Issuer of Patient ID
0010,0022 CS Type of Patient ID
0010,0030 DA Patient's Birth Date
0010,0032 TM Patient's Birth Time
0010,0040 CS Patient's Sex
0010,0050 SQ Patient's Insurance Plan Code Sequence
0010,0101 SQ Patient's Primary Language Code Sequence
0010,0102 SQ Patient's Primary Language Code Modifier Sequence
0010,1000 LO Other Patient IDs
0010,1001 PN Other Patient Names
0010,1002 SQ Other Patient IDs Sequence
0010,1005 PN Patient's Birth Name
0010,1010 AS Patient's Age
0010,1020 DS Patient's Size
0010,1030 DS Patient's Weight
0010,1040 LO Patient's Address
0010,1050 LO Insurance Plan Identification
0010,1060 PN Patient's Mother's Birth Name
0010,1080 LO Military Rank
0010,1081 LO Branch of Service
0010,1090 LO Medical Record Locator
0010,2000 LO Medical Alerts
0010,2110 LO Contrast Allergies
0010,2150 LO Country of Residence
0010,2152 LO Region of Residence
0010,2154 SH Patient's Telephone Numbers
0010,2160 SH Ethnic Group
0010,2180 SH Occupation
0010,21A0 CS Smoking Status
0010,21B0 LT Additional Patient History
0010,21C0 US Pregnancy Status
0010,21D0 DA Last Menstrual Date
0010,21F0 LO Patient's Religious Preference
0010,2201 LO Patient Species Description
0010,2202 SQ Patient Species Code Sequence
0010,2203 CS Patient's Sex Neutered
0010,2292 LO Patient Breed Description
0010,2293 SQ Patient Breed Code Sequence
0010,2294 SQ Breed Registration Sequence
0010,2295 LO Breed Registration Number
0010,2296 SQ Breed Registry Code Sequence
0010,2297 PN Responsible Person
0010,2298 CS Responsible Person Role
0010,2299 LO Responsible Organization
0010,4000 LT Patient Comments
0010,9431 FL Examined Body Thickness
0012,0010 LO Clinical Trial Sponsor Name
0012,0020 LO Clinical Trial Protocol ID
0012,0021 LO Clinical Trial Protocol Name
0012,0030 LO Clinical Trial Site ID
0012,0031 LO Clinical Trial Site Name
0012,0040 LO Clinical Trial Subject ID
0012,0042 LO Clinical Trial Subject Reading ID
0012,0050 LO Clinical Trial Time Point ID
0012,0051 ST Clinical Trial Time Point Description
0012,0060 LO Clinical Trial Coordinating Center Name
0012,0062 CS Patient Identity Removed
0012,0063 LO De-identification Method
0012,0064 SQ De-identification Method Code Sequence
0018,0010 LO Contrast/Bolus Agent
0018,0012 SQ Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence
0018,0014 SQ Contrast/Bolus Administration Route Sequence
0018,0015 CS Body Part Examined
0018,0020 CS Scanning Sequence
0018,0021 CS Sequence Variant
0018,0022 CS Scan Options
0018,0023 CS MR Acquisition Type
0018,0024 SH Sequence Name
0018,0025 CS Angio Flag
0018,0026 SQ Intervention Drug Information Sequence
0018,0027 TM Intervention Drug Stop Time
0018,0028 DS Intervention Drug Dose
0018,0029 SQ Intervention Drug Sequence
0018,002A SQ Additional Drug Sequence
0018,0030 LO Radionuclide
0018,0031 LO Radiopharmaceutical
0018,0032 DS Energy Window Centerline
0018,0033 DS Energy Window Total Width
0018,0034 LO Intervention Drug Name
0018,0035 TM Intervention Drug Start Time
0018,0036 SQ Intervention Sequence
0018,0037 CS Therapy Type
0018,0038 CS Intervention Status
0018,0039 CS Therapy Description
0018,003A ST Intervention Description
0018,0040 IS Cine Rate
0018,0050 DS Slice Thickness
0018,0060 DS KVP
0018,0070 IS Counts Accumulated
0018,0071 CS Acquisition Termination Condition
0018,0072 DS Effective Duration
0018,0073 CS Acquisition Start Condition
0018,0074 IS Acquisition Start Condition Data
0018,0075 IS Acquisition Termination Condition Data
0018,0080 DS Repetition Time
0018,0081 DS Echo Time
0018,0082 DS Inversion Time
0018,0083 DS Number of Averages
0018,0084 DS Imaging Frequency
0018,0085 SH Imaged Nucleus
0018,0086 IS Echo Number(s)
0018,0087 DS Magnetic Field Strength
0018,0088 DS Spacing Between Slices
0018,0089 IS Number of Phase Encoding Steps
0018,0090 DS Data Collection Diameter
0018,0091 IS Echo Train Length
0018,0093 DS Percent Sampling
0018,0094 DS Percent Phase Field of View
0018,0095 DS Pixel Bandwidth
0018,1000 LO Device Serial Number
0018,1002 UI Device UID
0018,1003 LO Device ID
0018,1004 LO Plate ID
0018,1005 LO Generator ID
0018,1006 LO Grid ID
0018,1007 LO Cassette ID
0018,1008 LO Gantry ID
0018,1010 LO Secondary Capture Device ID
0018,1011 LO Hardcopy Creation Device ID
0018,1012 DA Date of Secondary Capture
0018,1014 TM Time of Secondary Capture
0018,1016 LO Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer
0018,1017 LO Hardcopy Device Manufacturer
0018,1018 LO Secondary Capture Device Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,1019 LO Secondary Capture Device Software Version(s)
0018,101A LO Hardcopy Device Software Version
0018,101B LO Hardcopy Device Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,1020 LO Software Version(s)
0018,1022 SH Video Image Format Acquired
0018,1023 LO Digital Image Format Acquired
0018,1030 LO Protocol Name
0018,1040 LO Contrast/Bolus Route
0018,1041 DS Contrast/Bolus Volume
0018,1042 TM Contrast/Bolus Start Time
0018,1043 TM Contrast/Bolus Stop Time
0018,1044 DS Contrast/Bolus Total Dose
0018,1045 IS Syringe Counts
0018,1046 DS Contrast Flow Rate
0018,1047 DS Contrast Flow Duration
0018,1048 CS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient
0018,1049 DS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Concentration
0018,1050 DS Spatial Resolution
0018,1060 DS Trigger Time
0018,1061 LO Trigger Source or Type
0018,1062 IS Nominal Interval
0018,1063 DS Frame Time
0018,1064 LO Framing Type
0018,1065 DS Frame Time Vector
0018,1066 DS Frame Delay
0018,1067 DS Image Trigger Delay
0018,1068 DS Multiplex Group Time Offset
0018,1069 DS Trigger Time Offset
0018,106A CS Synchronization Trigger
0018,106C US Synchronization Channel
0018,106E UL Trigger Sample Position
0018,1070 LO Radiopharmaceutical Route
0018,1071 DS Radiopharmaceutical Volume
0018,1072 TM Radiopharmaceutical Start Time
0018,1073 TM Radiopharmaceutical Stop Time
0018,1074 DS Radionuclide Total Dose
0018,1075 DS Radionuclide Half Life
0018,1076 DS Radionuclide Positron Fraction
0018,1077 DS Radiopharmaceutical Specific Activity
0018,1078 DT Radiopharmaceutical Start Datetime
0018,1079 DT Radiopharmaceutical Stop Datetime
0018,1080 CS Beat Rejection Flag
0018,1081 IS Low R-R Value
0018,1082 IS High R-R Value
0018,1083 IS Intervals Acquired
0018,1084 IS Intervals Rejected
0018,1085 LO PVC Rejection
0018,1086 IS Skip Beats
0018,1088 IS Heart Rate
0018,1090 IS Cardiac Number of Images
0018,1094 IS Trigger Window
0018,1100 DS Reconstruction Diameter
0018,1110 DS Distance Source to Detector
0018,1111 DS Distance Source to Patient
0018,1114 DS Estimated Radiographic Magnification Factor
0018,1120 DS Gantry/Detector Tilt
0018,1121 DS Gantry/Detector Slew
0018,1130 DS Table Height
0018,1131 DS Table Traverse
0018,1134 CS Table Motion
0018,1135 DS Table Vertical Increment
0018,1136 DS Table Lateral Increment
0018,1137 DS Table Longitudinal Increment
0018,1138 DS Table Angle
0018,113A CS Table Type
0018,1140 CS Rotation Direction
0018,1141 DS Angular Position
0018,1142 DS Radial Position
0018,1143 DS Scan Arc
0018,1144 DS Angular Step
0018,1145 DS Center of Rotation Offset
0018,1146 DS Rotation Offset
0018,1147 CS Field of View Shape
0018,1149 IS Field of View Dimension(s)
0018,1150 IS Exposure Time
0018,1151 IS X-ray Tube Current
0018,1152 IS Exposure
0018,1153 IS Exposure in uAs
0018,1154 DS Average Pulse Width
0018,1155 CS Radiation Setting
0018,1156 CS Rectification Type
0018,115A CS Radiation Mode
0018,115E DS Image and Fluoroscopy Area Dose Product
0018,1160 SH Filter Type
0018,1161 LO Type of Filters
0018,1162 DS Intensifier Size
0018,1164 DS Imager Pixel Spacing
0018,1166 CS Grid
0018,1170 IS Generator Power
0018,1180 SH Collimator/grid Name
0018,1181 CS Collimator Type
0018,1182 IS Focal Distance
0018,1183 DS X Focus Center
0018,1184 DS Y Focus Center
0018,1190 DS Focal Spot(s)
0018,1191 CS Anode Target Material
0018,11A0 DS Body Part Thickness
0018,11A2 DS Compression Force
0018,1200 DA Date of Last Calibration
0018,1201 TM Time of Last Calibration
0018,1210 SH Convolution Kernel
0018,1240 IS Upper/Lower Pixel Values
0018,1242 IS Actual Frame Duration
0018,1243 IS Count Rate
0018,1244 US Preferred Playback Sequencing
0018,1250 SH Receive Coil Name
0018,1251 SH Transmit Coil Name
0018,1260 SH Plate Type
0018,1261 LO Phosphor Type
0018,1300 DS Scan Velocity
0018,1301 CS Whole Body Technique
0018,1302 IS Scan Length
0018,1310 US Acquisition Matrix
0018,1312 CS In-plane Phase Encoding Direction
0018,1314 DS Flip Angle
0018,1315 CS Variable Flip Angle Flag
0018,1316 DS SAR
0018,1318 DS dB/dt
0018,1400 LO Acquisition Device Processing Description
0018,1401 LO Acquisition Device Processing Code
0018,1402 CS Cassette Orientation
0018,1403 CS Cassette Size
0018,1404 US Exposures on Plate
0018,1405 IS Relative X-ray Exposure
0018,1450 DS Column Angulation
0018,1460 DS Tomo Layer Height
0018,1470 DS Tomo Angle
0018,1480 DS Tomo Time
0018,1490 CS Tomo Type
0018,1491 CS Tomo Class
0018,1495 IS Number of Tomosynthesis Source Images
0018,1500 CS Positioner Motion
0018,1508 CS Positioner Type
0018,1510 DS Positioner Primary Angle
0018,1511 DS Positioner Secondary Angle
0018,1520 DS Positioner Primary Angle Increment
0018,1521 DS Positioner Secondary Angle Increment
0018,1530 DS Detector Primary Angle
0018,1531 DS Detector Secondary Angle
0018,1600 CS Shutter Shape
0018,1602 IS Shutter Left Vertical Edge
0018,1604 IS Shutter Right Vertical Edge
0018,1606 IS Shutter Upper Horizontal Edge
0018,1608 IS Shutter Lower Horizontal Edge
0018,1610 IS Center of Circular Shutter
0018,1612 IS Radius of Circular Shutter
0018,1620 IS Vertices of the Polygonal Shutter
0018,1622 US Shutter Presentation Value
0018,1623 US Shutter Overlay Group
0018,1624 US Shutter Presentation Color CIELab Value
0018,1700 CS Collimator Shape
0018,1702 IS Collimator Left Vertical Edge
0018,1704 IS Collimator Right Vertical Edge
0018,1706 IS Collimator Upper Horizontal Edge
0018,1708 IS Collimator Lower Horizontal Edge
0018,1710 IS Center of Circular Collimator
0018,1712 IS Radius of Circular Collimator
0018,1720 IS Vertices of the Polygonal Collimator
0018,1800 CS Acquisition Time Synchronized
0018,1801 SH Time Source
0018,1802 CS Time Distribution Protocol
0018,1803 LO NTP Source Address
0018,2001 IS Page Number Vector
0018,2002 SH Frame Label Vector
0018,2003 DS Frame Primary Angle Vector
0018,2004 DS Frame Secondary Angle Vector
0018,2005 DS Slice Location Vector
0018,2006 SH Display Window Label Vector
0018,2010 DS Nominal Scanned Pixel Spacing
0018,2020 CS Digitizing Device Transport Direction
0018,2030 DS Rotation of Scanned Film
0018,3100 CS IVUS Acquisition
0018,3101 DS IVUS Pullback Rate
0018,3102 DS IVUS Gated Rate
0018,3103 IS IVUS Pullback Start Frame Number
0018,3104 IS IVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number
0018,3105 IS Lesion Number
0018,4000 LT Acquisition Comments
0018,5000 SH Output Power
0018,5010 LO Transducer Data
0018,5012 DS Focus Depth
0018,5020 LO Processing Function
0018,5021 LO Postprocessing Function
0018,5022 DS Mechanical Index
0018,5024 DS Bone Thermal Index
0018,5026 DS Cranial Thermal Index
0018,5027 DS Soft Tissue Thermal Index
0018,5028 DS Soft Tissue-focus Thermal Index
0018,5029 DS Soft Tissue-surface Thermal Index
0018,5030 DS Dynamic Range
0018,5040 DS Total Gain
0018,5050 IS Depth of Scan Field
0018,5100 CS Patient Position
0018,5101 CS View Position
0018,5104 SQ Projection Eponymous Name Code Sequence
0018,5210 DS Image Transformation Matrix
0018,5212 DS Image Translation Vector
0018,6000 DS Sensitivity
0018,6011 SQ Sequence of Ultrasound Regions
0018,6012 US Region Spatial Format
0018,6014 US Region Data Type
0018,6016 UL Region Flags
0018,6018 UL Region Location Min X0
0018,601A UL Region Location Min Y0
0018,601C UL Region Location Max X1
0018,601E UL Region Location Max Y1
0018,6020 SL Reference Pixel X0
0018,6022 SL Reference Pixel Y0
0018,6024 US Physical Units X Direction
0018,6026 US Physical Units Y Direction
0018,6028 FD Reference Pixel Physical Value X
0018,602A FD Reference Pixel Physical Value Y
0018,602C FD Physical Delta X
0018,602E FD Physical Delta Y
0018,6030 UL Transducer Frequency
0018,6031 CS Transducer Type
0018,6032 UL Pulse Repetition Frequency
0018,6034 FD Doppler Correction Angle
0018,6036 FD Steering Angle
0018,6038 UL Doppler Sample Volume X Position
0018,6039 SL Doppler Sample Volume X Position
0018,603A UL Doppler Sample Volume Y Position
0018,603B SL Doppler Sample Volume Y Position
0018,603C UL TM-Line Position X0
0018,603D SL TM-Line Position X0
0018,603E UL TM-Line Position Y0
0018,603F SL TM-Line Position Y0
0018,6040 UL TM-Line Position X1
0018,6041 SL TM-Line Position X1
0018,6042 UL TM-Line Position Y1
0018,6043 SL TM-Line Position Y1
0018,6044 US Pixel Component Organization
0018,6046 UL Pixel Component Mask
0018,6048 UL Pixel Component Range Start
0018,604A UL Pixel Component Range Stop
0018,604C US Pixel Component Physical Units
0018,604E US Pixel Component Data Type
0018,6050 UL Number of Table Break Points
0018,6052 UL Table of X Break Points
0018,6054 FD Table of Y Break Points
0018,6056 UL Number of Table Entries
0018,6058 UL Table of Pixel Values
0018,605A FL Table of Parameter Values
0018,6060 FL R Wave Time Vector
0018,7000 CS Detector Conditions Nominal Flag
0018,7001 DS Detector Temperature
0018,7004 CS Detector Type
0018,7005 CS Detector Configuration
0018,7006 LT Detector Description
0018,7008 LT Detector Mode
0018,700A SH Detector ID
0018,700C DA Date of Last Detector Calibration
0018,700E TM Time of Last Detector Calibration
0018,7010 IS Exposures on Detector Since Last Calibration
0018,7011 IS Exposures on Detector Since Manufactured
0018,7012 DS Detector Time Since Last Exposure
0018,7014 DS Detector Active Time
0018,7016 DS Detector Activation Offset From Exposure
0018,701A DS Detector Binning
0018,7020 DS Detector Element Physical Size
0018,7022 DS Detector Element Spacing
0018,7024 CS Detector Active Shape
0018,7026 DS Detector Active Dimension(s)
0018,7028 DS Detector Active Origin
0018,702A LO Detector Manufacturer Name
0018,702B LO Detector Manufacturer's Model Name
0018,7030 DS Field of View Origin
0018,7032 DS Field of View Rotation
0018,7034 CS Field of View Horizontal Flip
0018,7040 LT Grid Absorbing Material
0018,7041 LT Grid Spacing Material
0018,7042 DS Grid Thickness
0018,7044 DS Grid Pitch
0018,7046 IS Grid Aspect Ratio
0018,7048 DS Grid Period
0018,704C DS Grid Focal Distance
0018,7050 CS Filter Material
0018,7052 DS Filter Thickness Minimum
0018,7054 DS Filter Thickness Maximum
0018,7060 CS Exposure Control Mode
0018,7062 LT Exposure Control Mode Description
0018,7064 CS Exposure Status
0018,7065 DS Phototimer Setting
0018,8150 DS Exposure Time in S
0018,8151 DS X-Ray Tube Current in A
0018,9004 CS Content Qualification
0018,9005 SH Pulse Sequence Name
0018,9006 SQ MR Imaging Modifier Sequence
0018,9008 CS Echo Pulse Sequence
0018,9009 CS Inversion Recovery
0018,9010 CS Flow Compensation
0018,9011 CS Multiple Spin Echo
0018,9012 CS Multi-planar Excitation
0018,9014 CS Phase Contrast
0018,9015 CS Time of Flight Contrast
0018,9016 CS Spoiling
0018,9017 CS Steady State Pulse Sequence
0018,9018 CS Echo Planar Pulse Sequence
0018,9019 FD Tag Angle First Axis
0018,9020 CS Magnetization Transfer
0018,9021 CS T2 Preparation
0018,9022 CS Blood Signal Nulling
0018,9024 CS Saturation Recovery
0018,9025 CS Spectrally Selected Suppression
0018,9026 CS Spectrally Selected Excitation
0018,9027 CS Spatial Pre-saturation
0018,9028 CS Tagging
0018,9029 CS Oversampling Phase
0018,9030 FD Tag Spacing First Dimension
0018,9032 CS Geometry of k-Space Traversal
0018,9033 CS Segmented k-Space Traversal
0018,9034 CS Rectilinear Phase Encode Reordering
0018,9035 FD Tag Thickness
0018,9036 CS Partial Fourier Direction
0018,9037 CS Cardiac Synchronization Technique
0018,9041 LO Receive Coil Manufacturer Name
0018,9042 SQ MR Receive Coil Sequence
0018,9043 CS Receive Coil Type
0018,9044 CS Quadrature Receive Coil
0018,9045 SQ Multi-Coil Definition Sequence
0018,9046 LO Multi-Coil Configuration
0018,9047 SH Multi-Coil Element Name
0018,9048 CS Multi-Coil Element Used
0018,9049 SQ MR Transmit Coil Sequence
0018,9050 LO Transmit Coil Manufacturer Name
0018,9051 CS Transmit Coil Type
0018,9052 FD Spectral Width
0018,9053 FD Chemical Shift Reference
0018,9054 CS Volume Localization Technique
0018,9058 US MR Acquisition Frequency Encoding Steps
0018,9059 CS De-coupling
0018,9060 CS De-coupled Nucleus
0018,9061 FD De-coupling Frequency
0018,9062 CS De-coupling Method
0018,9063 FD De-coupling Chemical Shift Reference
0018,9064 CS k-space Filtering
0018,9065 CS Time Domain Filtering
0018,9066 US Number of Zero fills
0018,9067 CS Baseline Correction
0018,9069 FD Parallel Reduction Factor In-plane
0018,9070 FD Cardiac R-R Interval Specified
0018,9073 FD Acquisition Duration
0018,9074 DT Frame Acquisition Datetime
0018,9075 CS Diffusion Directionality
0018,9076 SQ Diffusion Gradient Direction Sequence
0018,9077 CS Parallel Acquisition
0018,9078 CS Parallel Acquisition Technique
0018,9079 FD Inversion Times
0018,9080 ST Metabolite Map Description
0018,9081 CS Partial Fourier
0018,9082 FD Effective Echo Time
0018,9083 SQ Metabolite Map Code Sequence
0018,9084 SQ Chemical Shift Sequence
0018,9085 CS Cardiac Signal Source
0018,9087 FD Diffusion b-value
0018,9089 FD Diffusion Gradient Orientation
0018,9090 FD Velocity Encoding Direction
0018,9091 FD Velocity Encoding Minimum Value
0018,9093 US Number of k-Space Trajectories
0018,9094 CS Coverage of k-Space
0018,9095 UL Spectroscopy Acquisition Phase Rows
0018,9098 FD Transmitter Frequency
0018,9100 CS Resonant Nucleus
0018,9101 CS Frequency Correction
0018,9103 SQ MR Spectroscopy FOV/Geometry Sequence
0018,9104 FD Slab Thickness
0018,9105 FD Slab Orientation
0018,9106 FD Mid Slab Position
0018,9107 SQ MR Spatial Saturation Sequence
0018,9112 SQ MR Timing and Related Parameters Sequence
0018,9114 SQ MR Echo Sequence
0018,9115 SQ MR Modifier Sequence
0018,9117 SQ MR Diffusion Sequence
0018,9118 SQ Cardiac Trigger Sequence
0018,9119 SQ MR Averages Sequence
0018,9125 SQ MR FOV/Geometry Sequence
0018,9126 SQ Volume Localization Sequence
0018,9127 UL Spectroscopy Acquisition Data Columns
0018,9147 CS Diffusion Anisotropy Type
0018,9151 DT Frame Reference Datetime
0018,9152 SQ MR Metabolite Map Sequence
0018,9155 FD Parallel Reduction Factor out-of-plane
0018,9159 UL Spectroscopy Acquisition Out-of-plane Phase Steps
0018,9166 CS Bulk Motion Status
0018,9168 FD Parallel Reduction Factor Second In-plane
0018,9169 CS Cardiac Beat Rejection Technique
0018,9170 CS Respiratory Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9171 CS Respiratory Signal Source
0018,9172 CS Bulk Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9173 CS Bulk Motion Signal Source
0018,9174 CS Applicable Safety Standard Agency
0018,9175 LO Applicable Safety Standard Description
0018,9176 SQ Operating Mode Sequence
0018,9177 CS Operating Mode Type
0018,9178 CS Operating Mode
0018,9179 CS Specific Absorption Rate Definition
0018,9180 CS Gradient Output Type
0018,9181 FD Specific Absorption Rate Value
0018,9182 FD Gradient Output
0018,9183 CS Flow Compensation Direction
0018,9184 FD Tagging Delay
0018,9185 ST Respiratory Motion Compensation Technique
0018,9186 SH Respiratory Signal Source ID
0018,9195 FD Chemical Shifts Minimum Integration Limit in Hz
0018,9196 FD Chemical Shifts Maximum Integration Limit in Hz
0018,9197 SQ MR Velocity Encoding Sequence
0018,9198 CS First Order Phase Correction
0018,9199 CS Water Referenced Phase Correction
0018,9200 CS MR Spectroscopy Acquisition Type
0018,9214 CS Respiratory Cycle Position
0018,9217 FD Velocity Encoding Maximum Value
0018,9218 FD Tag Spacing Second Dimension
0018,9219 SS Tag Angle Second Axis
0018,9220 FD Frame Acquisition Duration
0018,9226 SQ MR Image Frame Type Sequence
0018,9227 SQ MR Spectroscopy Frame Type Sequence
0018,9231 US MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps in-plane
0018,9232 US MR Acquisition Phase Encoding Steps out-of-plane
0018,9234 UL Spectroscopy Acquisition Phase Columns
0018,9236 CS Cardiac Cycle Position
0018,9239 SQ Specific Absorption Rate Sequence
0018,9240 US RF Echo Train Length
0018,9241 US Gradient Echo Train Length
0018,9295 FD Chemical Shifts Minimum Integration Limit in ppm
0018,9296 FD Chemical Shifts Maximum Integration Limit in ppm
0018,9301 SQ CT Acquisition Type Sequence
0018,9302 CS Acquisition Type
0018,9303 FD Tube Angle
0018,9304 SQ CT Acquisition Details Sequence
0018,9305 FD Revolution Time
0018,9306 FD Single Collimation Width
0018,9307 FD Total Collimation Width
0018,9308 SQ CT Table Dynamics Sequence
0018,9309 FD Table Speed
0018,9310 FD Table Feed per Rotation
0018,9311 FD Spiral Pitch Factor
0018,9312 SQ CT Geometry Sequence
0018,9313 FD Data Collection Center (Patient)
0018,9314 SQ CT Reconstruction Sequence
0018,9315 CS Reconstruction Algorithm
0018,9316 CS Convolution Kernel Group
0018,9317 FD Reconstruction Field of View
0018,9318 FD Reconstruction Target Center (Patient)
0018,9319 FD Reconstruction Angle
0018,9320 SH Image Filter
0018,9321 SQ CT Exposure Sequence
0018,9322 FD Reconstruction Pixel Spacing
0018,9323 CS Exposure Modulation Type
0018,9324 FD Estimated Dose Saving
0018,9325 SQ CT X-ray Details Sequence
0018,9326 SQ CT Position Sequence
0018,9327 FD Table Position
0018,9328 FD Exposure Time in ms
0018,9329 SQ CT Image Frame Type Sequence
0018,9330 FD X-Ray Tube Current in mA
0018,9332 FD Exposure in mAs
0018,9333 CS Constant Volume Flag
0018,9334 CS Fluoroscopy Flag
0018,9335 FD Distance Source to Data Collection Center
0018,9337 US Contrast/Bolus Agent Number
0018,9338 SQ Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Code Sequence
0018,9340 SQ Contrast Administration Profile Sequence
0018,9341 SQ Contrast/Bolus Usage Sequence
0018,9342 CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Administered
0018,9343 CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Detected
0018,9344 CS Contrast/Bolus Agent Phase
0018,9345 FD CTDIvol
0018,9401 SQ Projection Pixel Calibration Sequence
0018,9402 FL Distance Source to Isocenter
0018,9403 FL Distance Object to Table Top
0018,9404 FL Object Pixel Spacing in Center of Beam
0018,9405 SQ Positioner Position Sequence
0018,9406 SQ Table Position Sequence
0018,9407 SQ Collimator Shape Sequence
0018,9412 SQ XA/XRF Frame Characteristics Sequence
0018,9417 SQ Frame Acquisition Sequence
0018,9420 CS X-Ray Receptor Type
0018,9423 LO Acquisition Protocol Name
0018,9424 LT Acquisition Protocol Description
0018,9425 CS Contrast/Bolus Ingredient Opaque
0018,9426 FL Distance Receptor Plane to Detector Housing
0018,9427 CS Intensifier Active Shape
0018,9428 FL Intensifier Active Dimension(s)
0018,9429 FL Physical Detector Size
0018,9430 US Position of Isocenter Projection
0018,9432 SQ Field of View Sequence
0018,9433 LO Field of View Description
0018,9434 SQ Exposure Control Sensing Regions Sequence
0018,9435 CS Exposure Control Sensing Region Shape
0018,9436 SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Left Vertical Edge
0018,9437 SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Right Vertical Edge
0018,9438 SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Upper Horizontal
0018,9439 SS Exposure Control Sensing Region Lower Horizontal
0018,9440 SS Center of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
0018,9441 US Radius of Circular Exposure Control Sensing Region
0018,9442 SS Vertices of the Polygonal Exposure Control Sensing
0018,9447 FL Column Angulation (Patient)
0018,9449 FL Beam Angle
0018,9451 SQ Frame Detector Parameters Sequence
0018,9452 FL Calculated Anatomy Thickness
0018,9455 SQ Calibration Sequence
0018,9456 SQ Object Thickness Sequence
0018,9457 CS Plane Identification
0018,9461 FL Field of View Dimension(s) in Float
0018,9462 SQ Isocenter Reference System Sequence
0018,9463 FL Positioner Isocenter Primary Angle
0018,9464 FL Positioner Isocenter Secondary Angle
0018,9465 FL Positioner Isocenter Detector Rotation Angle
0018,9466 FL Table X Position to Isocenter
0018,9467 FL Table Y Position to Isocenter
0018,9468 FL Table Z Position to Isocenter
0018,9469 FL Table Horizontal Rotation Angle
0018,9470 FL Table Head Tilt Angle
0018,9471 FL Table Cradle Tilt Angle
0018,9472 SQ Frame Display Shutter Sequence
0018,9473 FL Acquired Image Area Dose Product
0018,9474 CS C-arm Positioner Tabletop Relationship
0018,9476 SQ X-Ray Geometry Sequence
0018,9477 SQ Irradiation Event Identification Sequence
0018,A001 SQ Contributing Equipment Sequence
0018,A002 DT Contribution Date Time
0018,A003 ST Contribution Description
0020,000D UI Study Instance UID
0020,000E UI Series Instance UID
0020,0010 SH Study ID
0020,0011 IS Series Number
0020,0012 IS Acquisition Number
0020,0013 IS Instance Number
0020,0014 IS Isotope Number
0020,0015 IS Phase Number
0020,0016 IS Interval Number
0020,0017 IS Time Slot Number
0020,0018 IS Angle Number
0020,0019 IS Item Number
0020,0020 CS Patient Orientation
0020,0022 IS Overlay Number
0020,0024 IS Curve Number
0020,0026 IS Lookup Table Number
0020,0030 DS Image Position
0020,0032 DS Image Position (Patient)
0020,0035 DS Image Orientation
0020,0037 DS Image Orientation (Patient)
0020,0050 DS Location
0020,0052 UI Frame of Reference UID
0020,0060 CS Laterality
0020,0062 CS Image Laterality
0020,0070 LO Image Geometry Type
0020,0080 CS Masking Image
0020,0100 IS Temporal Position Identifier
0020,0105 IS Number of Temporal Positions
0020,0110 DS Temporal Resolution
0020,0200 UI Synchronization Frame of Reference UID
0020,1000 IS Series in Study
0020,1001 IS Acquisitions in Series
0020,1002 IS Images in Acquisition
0020,1003 IS Images in Series
0020,1004 IS Acquisitions in Study
0020,1005 IS Images in Study
0020,1020 CS Reference
0020,1040 LO Position Reference Indicator
0020,1041 DS Slice Location
0020,1070 IS Other Study Numbers
0020,1200 IS Number of Patient Related Studies
0020,1202 IS Number of Patient Related Series
0020,1204 IS Number of Patient Related Instances
0020,1206 IS Number of Study Related Series
0020,1208 IS Number of Study Related Instances
0020,1209 IS Number of Series Related Instances
0020,3401 CS Modifying Device ID
0020,3402 CS Modified Image ID
0020,3403 DA Modified Image Date
0020,3404 LO Modifying Device Manufacturer
0020,3405 TM Modified Image Time
0020,3406 LO Modified Image Description
0020,4000 LT Image Comments
0020,5000 AT Original Image Identification
0020,5002 CS Original Image Identification Nomenclature
0020,9056 SH Stack ID
0020,9057 UL In-Stack Position Number
0020,9071 SQ Frame Anatomy Sequence
0020,9072 CS Frame Laterality
0020,9111 SQ Frame Content Sequence
0020,9113 SQ Plane Position Sequence
0020,9116 SQ Plane Orientation Sequence
0020,9128 UL Temporal Position Index
0020,9153 FD Cardiac Trigger Delay Time
0020,9156 US Frame Acquisition Number
0020,9157 UL Dimension Index Values
0020,9158 LT Frame Comments
0020,9161 UI Concatenation UID
0020,9162 US In-concatenation Number
0020,9163 US In-concatenation Total Number
0020,9164 UI Dimension Organization UID
0020,9165 AT Dimension Index Pointer
0020,9167 AT Functional Group Pointer
0020,9213 LO Dimension Index Private Creator
0020,9221 SQ Dimension Organization Sequence
0020,9222 SQ Dimension Index Sequence
0020,9228 UL Concatenation Frame Offset Number
0020,9238 LO Functional Group Private Creator
0020,9251 FD R � R Interval Time Measured
0020,9253 SQ Respiratory Trigger Sequence
0020,9254 FD Respiratory Interval Time
0020,9255 FD Respiratory Trigger Delay Time
0020,9256 FD Respiratory Trigger Delay Threshold
0020,9421 LO Dimension Description Label
0020,9450 SQ Patient Orientation in Frame Sequence
0020,9453 LO Frame Label
0022,0001 US Light Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
0022,0002 US Light Path Filter Pass Band
0022,0003 US Image Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
0022,0004 US Image Path Filter Pass Band
0022,0005 CS Patient Eye Movement Commanded
0022,0006 SQ Patient Eye Movement Command Code Sequence
0022,0007 FL Spherical Lens Power
0022,0008 FL Cylinder Lens Power
0022,0009 FL Cylinder Axis
0022,000A FL Emmetropic Magnification
0022,000B FL Intra Ocular Pressure
0022,000C FL Horizontal Field of View
0022,000D CS Pupil Dilated
0022,000E FL Degree of Dilation
0022,0010 FL Stereo Baseline Angle
0022,0011 FL Stereo Baseline Displacement
0022,0012 FL Stereo Horizontal Pixel Offset
0022,0013 FL Stereo Vertical Pixel Offset
0022,0014 FL Stereo Rotation
0022,0015 SQ Acquisition Device Type Code Sequence
0022,0016 SQ Illumination Type Code Sequence
0022,0017 SQ Light Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
0022,0018 SQ Image Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
0022,0019 SQ Lenses Code Sequence
0022,001A SQ Channel Description Code Sequence
0022,001B SQ Refractive State Sequence
0022,001C SQ Mydriatic Agent Code Sequence
0022,001D SQ Relative Image Position Code Sequence
0022,0020 SQ Stereo Pairs Sequence
0022,0021 SQ Left Image Sequence
0022,0022 SQ Right Image Sequence
0028,0002 US Samples per Pixel
0028,0003 US Samples per Pixel Used
0028,0004 CS Photometric Interpretation
0028,0005 US Image Dimensions
0028,0006 US Planar Configuration
0028,0008 IS Number of Frames
0028,0009 AT Frame Increment Pointer
0028,000A AT Frame Dimension Pointer
0028,0010 US Rows
0028,0011 US Columns
0028,0012 US Planes
0028,0014 US Ultrasound Color Data Present
0028,0030 DS Pixel Spacing
0028,0031 DS Zoom Factor
0028,0032 DS Zoom Center
0028,0034 IS Pixel Aspect Ratio
0028,0040 CS Image Format
0028,0050 LO Manipulated Image
0028,0051 CS Corrected Image
0028,0060 CS Compression Code
0028,0100 US Bits Allocated
0028,0101 US Bits Stored
0028,0102 US High Bit
0028,0103 US Pixel Representation
0028,0104 SS Smallest Valid Pixel Value
0028,0105 SS Largest Valid Pixel Value
0028,0106 SS Smallest Image Pixel Value
0028,0107 SS Largest Image Pixel Value
0028,0108 SS Smallest Pixel Value in Series
0028,0109 SS Largest Pixel Value in Series
0028,0110 SS Smallest Image Pixel Value in Plane
0028,0111 SS Largest Image Pixel Value in Plane
0028,0120 SS Pixel Padding Value
0028,0200 US Image Location
0028,0300 CS Quality Control Image
0028,0301 CS Burned In Annotation
0028,0402 CS Pixel Spacing Calibration Type
0028,0404 LO Pixel Spacing Calibration Description
0028,1040 CS Pixel Intensity Relationship
0028,1041 SS Pixel Intensity Relationship Sign
0028,1050 DS Window Center
0028,1051 DS Window Width
0028,1052 DS Rescale Intercept
0028,1053 DS Rescale Slope
0028,1054 LO Rescale Type
0028,1055 LO Window Center & Width Explanation
0028,1056 CS VOI LUT Function
0028,1080 CS Gray Scale
0028,1090 CS Recommended Viewing Mode
0028,1100 SS Gray Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1101 SS Red Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1102 SS Green Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1103 SS Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Descriptor
0028,1199 UI Palette Color Lookup Table UID
0028,1200 SS Gray Lookup Table Data
0028,1201 OW Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1202 OW Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1203 OW Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1221 OW Segmented Red Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1222 OW Segmented Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1223 OW Segmented Blue Palette Color Lookup Table Data
0028,1300 CS Implant Present
0028,1350 CS Partial View
0028,1351 ST Partial View Description
0028,1352 SQ Partial View Code Sequence
0028,135A CS Spatial Locations Preserved
0028,2000 OB ICC Profile
0028,2110 CS Lossy Image Compression
0028,2112 DS Lossy Image Compression Ratio
0028,2114 CS Lossy Image Compression Method
0028,3000 SQ Modality LUT Sequence
0028,3002 SS LUT Descriptor
0028,3003 LO LUT Explanation
0028,3004 LO Modality LUT Type
0028,3006 SS LUT Data
0028,3010 SQ VOI LUT Sequence
0028,3110 SQ Softcopy VOI LUT Sequence
0028,4000 LT Image Presentation Comments
0028,5000 SQ Bi-Plane Acquisition Sequence
0028,6010 US Representative Frame Number
0028,6020 US Frame Numbers of Interest (FOI)
0028,6022 LO Frame(s) of Interest Description
0028,6023 CS Frame of Interest Type
0028,6030 US Mask Pointer(s)
0028,6040 US R Wave Pointer
0028,6100 SQ Mask Subtraction Sequence
0028,6101 CS Mask Operation
0028,6102 US Applicable Frame Range
0028,6110 US Mask Frame Numbers
0028,6112 US Contrast Frame Averaging
0028,6114 FL Mask Sub-pixel Shift
0028,6120 SS TID Offset
0028,6190 ST Mask Operation Explanation
0028,7FE0 UT Pixel Data Provider URL
0028,9001 UL Data Point Rows
0028,9002 UL Data Point Columns
0028,9003 CS Signal Domain Columns
0028,9099 US Largest Monochrome Pixel Value
0028,9108 CS Data Representation
0028,9110 SQ Pixel Measures Sequence
0028,9132 SQ Frame VOI LUT Sequence
0028,9145 SQ Pixel Value Transformation Sequence
0028,9235 CS Signal Domain Rows
0028,9411 FL Display Filter Percentage
0028,9415 SQ Frame Pixel Shift Sequence
0028,9416 US Subtraction Item ID
0028,9422 SQ Pixel Intensity Relationship LUT Sequence
0028,9443 SQ Frame Pixel Data Properties Sequence
0028,9444 CS Geometrical Properties
0028,9445 FL Geometric Maximum Distortion
0028,9446 CS Image Processing Applied
0028,9454 CS Mask Selection Mode
0028,9474 CS LUT Function
0032,000A CS Study Status ID
0032,000C CS Study Priority ID
0032,0012 LO Study ID Issuer
0032,0032 DA Study Verified Date
0032,0033 TM Study Verified Time
0032,0034 DA Study Read Date
0032,0035 TM Study Read Time
0032,1000 DA Scheduled Study Start Date
0032,1001 TM Scheduled Study Start Time
0032,1010 DA Scheduled Study Stop Date
0032,1011 TM Scheduled Study Stop Time
0032,1020 LO Scheduled Study Location
0032,1021 AE Scheduled Study Location AE Title
0032,1030 LO Reason for Study
0032,1031 SQ Requesting Physician Identification Sequence
0032,1032 PN Requesting Physician
0032,1033 LO Requesting Service
0032,1040 DA Study Arrival Date
0032,1041 TM Study Arrival Time
0032,1050 DA Study Completion Date
0032,1051 TM Study Completion Time
0032,1055 CS Study Component Status ID
0032,1060 LO Requested Procedure Description
0032,1064 SQ Requested Procedure Code Sequence
0032,1070 LO Requested Contrast Agent
0032,4000 LT Study Comments
0038,0004 SQ Referenced Patient Alias Sequence
0038,0008 CS Visit Status ID
0038,0010 LO Admission ID
0038,0011 LO Issuer of Admission ID
0038,0016 LO Route of Admissions
0038,001A DA Scheduled Admission Date
0038,001B TM Scheduled Admission Time
0038,001C DA Scheduled Discharge Date
0038,001D TM Scheduled Discharge Time
0038,001E LO Scheduled Patient Institution Residence
0038,0020 DA Admitting Date
0038,0021 TM Admitting Time
0038,0030 DA Discharge Date
0038,0032 TM Discharge Time
0038,0040 LO Discharge Diagnosis Description
0038,0044 SQ Discharge Diagnosis Code Sequence
0038,0050 LO Special Needs
0038,0100 SQ Pertinent Documents Sequence
0038,0300 LO Current Patient Location
0038,0400 LO Patient's Institution Residence
0038,0500 LO Patient State
0038,0502 SQ Patient Clinical Trial Participation Sequence
0038,4000 LT Visit Comments
003A,0004 CS Waveform Originality
003A,0005 US Number of Waveform Channels
003A,0010 UL Number of Waveform Samples
003A,001A DS Sampling Frequency
003A,0020 SH Multiplex Group Label
003A,0200 SQ Channel Definition Sequence
003A,0202 IS Waveform Channel Number
003A,0203 SH Channel Label
003A,0205 CS Channel Status
003A,0208 SQ Channel Source Sequence
003A,0209 SQ Channel Source Modifiers Sequence
003A,020A SQ Source Waveform Sequence
003A,020C LO Channel Derivation Description
003A,0210 DS Channel Sensitivity
003A,0211 SQ Channel Sensitivity Units Sequence
003A,0212 DS Channel Sensitivity Correction Factor
003A,0213 DS Channel Baseline
003A,0214 DS Channel Time Skew
003A,0215 DS Channel Sample Skew
003A,0218 DS Channel Offset
003A,021A US Waveform Bits Stored
003A,0220 DS Filter Low Frequency
003A,0221 DS Filter High Frequency
003A,0222 DS Notch Filter Frequency
003A,0223 DS Notch Filter Bandwidth
003A,0300 SQ Multiplexed Audio Channels Description Code Sequence
003A,0301 IS Channel Identification Code
003A,0302 CS Channel Mode
0040,0001 AE Scheduled Station AE Title
0040,0002 DA Scheduled Procedure Step Start Date
0040,0003 TM Scheduled Procedure Step Start Time
0040,0004 DA Scheduled Procedure Step End Date
0040,0005 TM Scheduled Procedure Step End Time
0040,0006 PN Scheduled Performing Physician's Name
0040,0007 LO Scheduled Procedure Step Description
0040,0008 SQ Scheduled Protocol Code Sequence
0040,0009 SH Scheduled Procedure Step ID
0040,000A SQ Stage Code Sequence
0040,000B SQ Scheduled Performing Physician Identification Sequence
0040,0010 SH Scheduled Station Name
0040,0011 SH Scheduled Procedure Step Location
0040,0012 LO Pre-Medication
0040,0020 CS Scheduled Procedure Step Status
0040,0100 SQ Scheduled Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0220 SQ Referenced Non-Image Composite SOP Instance
0040,0241 AE Performed Station AE Title
0040,0242 SH Performed Station Name
0040,0243 SH Performed Location
0040,0244 DA Performed Procedure Step Start Date
0040,0245 TM Performed Procedure Step Start Time
0040,0250 DA Performed Procedure Step End Date
0040,0251 TM Performed Procedure Step End Time
0040,0252 CS Performed Procedure Step Status
0040,0253 SH Performed Procedure Step ID
0040,0254 LO Performed Procedure Step Description
0040,0255 LO Performed Procedure Type Description
0040,0260 SQ Performed Protocol Code Sequence
0040,0270 SQ Scheduled Step Attributes Sequence
0040,0275 SQ Request Attributes Sequence
0040,0280 ST Comments on the Performed Procedure Step
0040,0281 SQ Performed Procedure Step Discontinuation Reason Code
0040,0293 SQ Quantity Sequence
0040,0294 DS Quantity
0040,0295 SQ Measuring Units Sequence
0040,0296 SQ Billing Item Sequence
0040,0300 US Total Time of Fluoroscopy
0040,0301 US Total Number of Exposures
0040,0302 US Entrance Dose
0040,0303 US Exposed Area
0040,0306 DS Distance Source to Entrance
0040,0307 DS Distance Source to Support
0040,030E SQ Exposure Dose Sequence
0040,0310 ST Comments on Radiation Dose
0040,0312 DS X-Ray Output
0040,0314 DS Half Value Layer
0040,0316 DS Organ Dose
0040,0318 CS Organ Exposed
0040,0320 SQ Billing Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0321 SQ Film Consumption Sequence
0040,0324 SQ Billing Supplies and Devices Sequence
0040,0330 SQ Referenced Procedure Step Sequence
0040,0340 SQ Performed Series Sequence
0040,0400 LT Comments on the Scheduled Procedure Step
0040,0440 SQ Protocol Context Sequence
0040,0441 SQ Content Item Modifier Sequence
0040,050A LO Specimen Accession Number
0040,0550 SQ Specimen Sequence
0040,0551 LO Specimen Identifier
0040,0555 SQ Acquisition Context Sequence
0040,0556 ST Acquisition Context Description
0040,059A SQ Specimen Type Code Sequence
0040,06FA LO Slide Identifier
0040,071A SQ Image Center Point Coordinates Sequence
0040,072A DS X offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,073A DS Y offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,074A DS Z offset in Slide Coordinate System
0040,08D8 SQ Pixel Spacing Sequence
0040,08DA SQ Coordinate System Axis Code Sequence
0040,08EA SQ Measurement Units Code Sequence
0040,1001 SH Requested Procedure ID
0040,1002 LO Reason for the Requested Procedure
0040,1003 SH Requested Procedure Priority
0040,1004 LO Patient Transport Arrangements
0040,1005 LO Requested Procedure Location
0040,1006 SH Placer Order Number / Procedure
0040,1007 SH Filler Order Number / Procedure
0040,1008 LO Confidentiality Code
0040,1009 SH Reporting Priority
0040,100A SQ Reason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence
0040,1010 PN Names of Intended Recipients of Results
0040,1011 SQ Intended Recipients of Results Identification Sequence
0040,1101 SQ Person Identification Code Sequence
0040,1102 ST Person's Address
0040,1103 LO Person's Telephone Numbers
0040,1400 LT Requested Procedure Comments
0040,2001 LO Reason for the Imaging Service Request
0040,2004 DA Issue Date of Imaging Service Request
0040,2005 TM Issue Time of Imaging Service Request
0040,2006 SH Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2007 SH Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2008 PN Order Entered By
0040,2009 SH Order Enterer's Location
0040,2010 SH Order Callback Phone Number
0040,2016 LO Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2017 LO Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request
0040,2400 LT Imaging Service Request Comments
0040,3001 LO Confidentiality Constraint on Patient Data Description
0040,4001 CS General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Status
0040,4002 CS General Purpose Performed Procedure Step Status
0040,4003 CS General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Priority
0040,4004 SQ Scheduled Processing Applications Code Sequence
0040,4005 DT Scheduled Procedure Step Start Date and Time
0040,4006 CS Multiple Copies Flag
0040,4007 SQ Performed Processing Applications Code Sequence
0040,4009 SQ Human Performer Code Sequence
0040,4010 DT Scheduled Procedure Step Modification Date and Time
0040,4011 DT Expected Completion Date and Time
0040,4015 SQ Resulting General Purpose Performed Procedure Steps
0040,4016 SQ Referenced General Purpose Scheduled Procedure
0040,4018 SQ Scheduled Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4019 SQ Performed Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4020 CS Input Availability Flag
0040,4021 SQ Input Information Sequence
0040,4022 SQ Relevant Information Sequence
0040,4023 UI Referenced General Purpose Scheduled Procedure
0040,4025 SQ Scheduled Station Name Code Sequence
0040,4026 SQ Scheduled Station Class Code Sequence
0040,4027 SQ Scheduled Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
0040,4028 SQ Performed Station Name Code Sequence
0040,4029 SQ Performed Station Class Code Sequence
0040,4030 SQ Performed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
0040,4031 SQ Requested Subsequent Workitem Code Sequence
0040,4032 SQ Non-DICOM Output Code Sequence
0040,4033 SQ Output Information Sequence
0040,4034 SQ Scheduled Human Performers Sequence
0040,4035 SQ Actual Human Performers Sequence
0040,4036 LO Human Performer's Organization
0040,4037 PN Human Performer's Name
0040,8302 DS Entrance Dose in mGy
0040,9094 SQ Referenced Image Real World Value Mapping Sequence
0040,9096 SQ Real World Value Mapping Sequence
0040,9098 SQ Pixel Value Mapping Code Sequence
0040,9210 SH LUT Label
0040,9211 SS Real World Value Last Value Mapped
0040,9212 FD Real World Value LUT Data
0040,9216 SS Real World Value First Value Mapped
0040,9224 FD Real World Value Intercept
0040,9225 FD Real World Value Slope
0040,A010 CS Relationship Type
0040,A027 LO Verifying Organization
0040,A030 DT Verification Date Time
0040,A032 DT Observation Date Time
0040,A040 CS Value Type
0040,A043 SQ Concept Name Code Sequence
0040,A050 CS Continuity Of Content
0040,A073 SQ Verifying Observer Sequence
0040,A075 PN Verifying Observer Name
0040,A078 SQ Author Observer Sequence
0040,A07A SQ Participant Sequence
0040,A07C SQ Custodial Organization Sequence
0040,A080 CS Participation Type
0040,A082 DT Participation Datetime
0040,A084 CS Observer Type
0040,A088 SQ Verifying Observer Identification Code Sequence
0040,A090 SQ Equivalent CDA Document Sequence
0040,A0B0 US Referenced Waveform Channels
0040,A120 DT DateTime
0040,A121 DA Date
0040,A122 TM Time
0040,A123 PN Person Name
0040,A124 UI UID
0040,A130 CS Temporal Range Type
0040,A132 UL Referenced Sample Positions
0040,A136 US Referenced Frame Numbers
0040,A138 DS Referenced Time Offsets
0040,A13A DT Referenced Datetime
0040,A160 UT Text Value
0040,A168 SQ Concept Code Sequence
0040,A170 SQ Purpose of Reference Code Sequence
0040,A180 US Annotation Group Number
0040,A195 SQ Modifier Code Sequence
0040,A300 SQ Measured Value Sequence
0040,A301 SQ Numeric Value Qualifier Code Sequence
0040,A30A DS Numeric Value
0040,A360 SQ Predecessor Documents Sequence
0040,A370 SQ Referenced Request Sequence
0040,A372 SQ Performed Procedure Code Sequence
0040,A375 SQ Current Requested Procedure Evidence Sequence
0040,A385 SQ Pertinent Other Evidence Sequence
0040,A390 SQ HL7 Structured Document Reference Sequence
0040,A491 CS Completion Flag
0040,A492 LO Completion Flag Description
0040,A493 CS Verification Flag
0040,A504 SQ Content Template Sequence
0040,A525 SQ Identical Documents Sequence
0040,A730 SQ Content Sequence
0040,B020 SQ Annotation Sequence
0040,DB00 CS Template Identifier
0040,DB06 DT Template Version
0040,DB07 DT Template Local Version
0040,DB0B CS Template Extension Flag
0040,DB0C UI Template Extension Organization UID
0040,DB0D UI Template Extension Creator UID
0040,DB73 UL Referenced Content Item Identifier
0040,E001 ST HL7 Instance Identifier
0040,E004 DT HL7 Document Effective Time
0040,E006 SQ HL7 Document Type Code Sequence
0040,E010 UT Retrieve URI
0042,0010 ST Document Title
0042,0011 OB Encapsulated Document
0042,0012 LO MIME Type of Encapsulated Document
0042,0013 SQ Source Instance Sequence
0050,0004 CS Calibration Image
0050,0010 SQ Device Sequence
0050,0014 DS Device Length
0050,0016 DS Device Diameter
0050,0017 CS Device Diameter Units
0050,0018 DS Device Volume
0050,0019 DS Intermarker Distance
0050,0020 LO Device Description
0054,0010 US Energy Window Vector
0054,0011 US Number of Energy Windows
0054,0012 SQ Energy Window Information Sequence
0054,0013 SQ Energy Window Range Sequence
0054,0014 DS Energy Window Lower Limit
0054,0015 DS Energy Window Upper Limit
0054,0016 SQ Radiopharmaceutical Information Sequence
0054,0017 IS Residual Syringe Counts
0054,0018 SH Energy Window Name
0054,0020 US Detector Vector
0054,0021 US Number of Detectors
0054,0022 SQ Detector Information Sequence
0054,0030 US Phase Vector
0054,0031 US Number of Phases
0054,0032 SQ Phase Information Sequence
0054,0033 US Number of Frames in Phase
0054,0036 IS Phase Delay
0054,0038 IS Pause Between Frames
0054,0039 CS Phase Description
0054,0050 US Rotation Vector
0054,0051 US Number of Rotations
0054,0052 SQ Rotation Information Sequence
0054,0053 US Number of Frames in Rotation
0054,0060 US R-R Interval Vector
0054,0061 US Number of R-R Intervals
0054,0062 SQ Gated Information Sequence
0054,0063 SQ Data Information Sequence
0054,0070 US Time Slot Vector
0054,0071 US Number of Time Slots
0054,0072 SQ Time Slot Information Sequence
0054,0073 DS Time Slot Time
0054,0080 US Slice Vector
0054,0081 US Number of Slices
0054,0090 US Angular View Vector
0054,0100 US Time Slice Vector
0054,0101 US Number of Time Slices
0054,0200 DS Start Angle
0054,0202 CS Type of Detector Motion
0054,0210 IS Trigger Vector
0054,0211 US Number of Triggers in Phase
0054,0220 SQ View Code Sequence
0054,0222 SQ View Modifier Code Sequence
0054,0300 SQ Radionuclide Code Sequence
0054,0302 SQ Administration Route Code Sequence
0054,0304 SQ Radiopharmaceutical Code Sequence
0054,0306 SQ Calibration Data Sequence
0054,0308 US Energy Window Number
0054,0400 SH Image ID
0054,0410 SQ Patient Orientation Code Sequence
0054,0412 SQ Patient Orientation Modifier Code Sequence
0054,0414 SQ Patient Gantry Relationship Code Sequence
0054,0500 CS Slice Progression Direction
0054,1000 CS Series Type
0054,1001 CS Units
0054,1002 CS Counts Source
0054,1004 CS Reprojection Method
0054,1100 CS Randoms Correction Method
0054,1101 LO Attenuation Correction Method
0054,1102 CS Decay Correction
0054,1103 LO Reconstruction Method
0054,1104 LO Detector Lines of Response Used
0054,1105 LO Scatter Correction Method
0054,1200 DS Axial Acceptance
0054,1201 IS Axial Mash
0054,1202 IS Transverse Mash
0054,1203 DS Detector Element Size
0054,1210 DS Coincidence Window Width
0054,1220 CS Secondary Counts Type
0054,1300 DS Frame Reference Time
0054,1310 IS Primary (Prompts) Counts Accumulated
0054,1311 IS Secondary Counts Accumulated
0054,1320 DS Slice Sensitivity Factor
0054,1321 DS Decay Factor
0054,1322 DS Dose Calibration Factor
0054,1323 DS Scatter Fraction Factor
0054,1324 DS Dead Time Factor
0054,1330 US Image Index
0054,1400 CS Counts Included
0054,1401 CS Dead Time Correction Flag
0060,3000 SQ Histogram Sequence
0060,3002 US Histogram Number of Bins
0060,3004 SS Histogram First Bin Value
0060,3006 SS Histogram Last Bin Value
0060,3008 US Histogram Bin Width
0060,3010 LO Histogram Explanation
0060,3020 UL Histogram Data
0062,0001 CS Segmentation Type
0062,0002 SQ Segment Sequence
0062,0003 SQ Segmented Property Category Code Sequence
0062,0004 US Segment Number
0062,0005 LO Segment Label
0062,0006 ST Segment Description
0062,0008 CS Segment Algorithm Type
0062,0009 LO Segment Algorithm Name
0062,000A SQ Segment Identification Sequence
0062,000B US Referenced Segment Number
0062,000C US Recommended Display Grayscale Value
0062,000D US Recommended Display CIELab Value
0062,000E US Maximum Fractional Value
0062,000F SQ Segmented Property Type Code Sequence
0062,0010 CS Segmentation Fractional Type
0064,0002 SQ Deformable Registration Sequence
0064,0003 UI Source Frame of Reference UID
0064,0005 SQ Deformable Registration Grid Sequence
0064,0007 UL Grid Dimensions
0064,0008 FD Grid Resolution
0064,0009 OF Vector Grid Data
0064,000F SQ Pre Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
0064,0010 SQ Post Deformation Matrix Registration Sequence
0070,0001 SQ Graphic Annotation Sequence
0070,0002 CS Graphic Layer
0070,0003 CS Bounding Box Annotation Units
0070,0004 CS Anchor Point Annotation Units
0070,0005 CS Graphic Annotation Units
0070,0006 ST Unformatted Text Value
0070,0008 SQ Text Object Sequence
0070,0009 SQ Graphic Object Sequence
0070,0010 FL Bounding Box Top Left Hand Corner
0070,0011 FL Bounding Box Bottom Right Hand Corner
0070,0012 CS Bounding Box Text Horizontal Justification
0070,0014 FL Anchor Point
0070,0015 CS Anchor Point Visibility
0070,0020 US Graphic Dimensions
0070,0021 US Number of Graphic Points
0070,0022 FL Graphic Data
0070,0023 CS Graphic Type
0070,0024 CS Graphic Filled
0070,0041 CS Image Horizontal Flip
0070,0042 US Image Rotation
0070,0052 SL Displayed Area Top Left Hand Corner
0070,0053 SL Displayed Area Bottom Right Hand Corner
0070,005A SQ Displayed Area Selection Sequence
0070,0060 SQ Graphic Layer Sequence
0070,0062 IS Graphic Layer Order
0070,0066 US Graphic Layer Recommended Display Grayscale Value
0070,0067 US Graphic Layer Recommended Display RGB Value
0070,0068 LO Graphic Layer Description
0070,0080 CS Content Label
0070,0081 LO Content Description
0070,0082 DA Presentation Creation Date
0070,0083 TM Presentation Creation Time
0070,0084 PN Content Creator's Name
0070,0086 SQ Content Creator's Identification Code Sequence
0070,0100 CS Presentation Size Mode
0070,0101 DS Presentation Pixel Spacing
0070,0102 IS Presentation Pixel Aspect Ratio
0070,0103 FL Presentation Pixel Magnification Ratio
0070,0306 CS Shape Type
0070,0308 SQ Registration Sequence
0070,0309 SQ Matrix Registration Sequence
0070,030A SQ Matrix Sequence
0070,030C CS Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix Type
0070,030D SQ Registration Type Code Sequence
0070,030F ST Fiducial Description
0070,0310 SH Fiducial Identifier
0070,0311 SQ Fiducial Identifier Code Sequence
0070,0312 FD Contour Uncertainty Radius
0070,0314 SQ Used Fiducials Sequence
0070,0318 SQ Graphic Coordinates Data Sequence
0070,031A UI Fiducial UID
0070,031C SQ Fiducial Set Sequence
0070,031E SQ Fiducial Sequence
0070,0401 US Graphic Layer Recommended Display CIELab Value
0070,0402 SQ Blending Sequence
0070,0403 FL Relative Opacity
0070,0404 SQ Referenced Spatial Registration Sequence
0070,0405 CS Blending Position
0072,0002 SH Hanging Protocol Name
0072,0004 LO Hanging Protocol Description
0072,0006 CS Hanging Protocol Level
0072,0008 LO Hanging Protocol Creator
0072,000A DT Hanging Protocol Creation Datetime
0072,000C SQ Hanging Protocol Definition Sequence
0072,000E SQ Hanging Protocol User Identification Code Sequence
0072,0010 LO Hanging Protocol User Group Name
0072,0012 SQ Source Hanging Protocol Sequence
0072,0014 US Number of Priors Referenced
0072,0020 SQ Image Sets Sequence
0072,0022 SQ Image Set Selector Sequence
0072,0024 CS Image Set Selector Usage Flag
0072,0026 AT Selector Attribute
0072,0028 US Selector Value Number
0072,0030 SQ Time Based Image Sets Sequence
0072,0032 US Image Set Number
0072,0034 CS Image Set Selector Category
0072,0038 US Relative Time
0072,003A CS Relative Time Units
0072,003C SS Abstract Prior Value
0072,003E SQ Abstract Prior Code Sequence
0072,0040 LO Image Set Label
0072,0050 CS Selector Attribute VR
0072,0052 AT Selector Sequence Pointer
0072,0054 LO Selector Sequence Pointer Private Creator
0072,0056 LO Selector Attribute Private Creator
0072,0060 AT Selector AT Value
0072,0062 CS Selector CS Value
0072,0064 IS Selector IS Value
0072,0066 LO Selector LO Value
0072,0068 LT Selector LT Value
0072,006A PN Selector PN Value
0072,006C SH Selector SH Value
0072,006E ST Selector ST Value
0072,0070 UT Selector UT Value
0072,0072 DS Selector DS Value
0072,0074 FD Selector FD Value
0072,0076 FL Selector FL Value
0072,0078 UL Selector UL Value
0072,007A US Selector US Value
0072,007C SL Selector SL Value
0072,007E SS Selector SS Value
0072,0080 SQ Selector Code Sequence Value
0072,0100 US Number of Screens
0072,0102 SQ Nominal Screen Definition Sequence
0072,0104 US Number of Vertical Pixels
0072,0106 US Number of Horizontal Pixels
0072,0108 FD Display Environment Spatial Position
0072,010A US Screen Minimum Grayscale Bit Depth
0072,010C US Screen Minimum Color Bit Depth
0072,010E US Application Maximum Repaint Time
0072,0200 SQ Display Sets Sequence
0072,0202 US Display Set Number
0072,0203 LO Display Set Label
0072,0204 US Display Set Presentation Group
0072,0206 LO Display Set Presentation Group Description
0072,0208 CS Partial Data Display Handling
0072,0210 SQ Synchronized Scrolling Sequence
0072,0212 US Display Set Scrolling Group
0072,0214 SQ Navigation Indicator Sequence
0072,0216 US Navigation Display Set
0072,0218 US Reference Display Sets
0072,0300 SQ Image Boxes Sequence
0072,0302 US Image Box Number
0072,0304 CS Image Box Layout Type
0072,0306 US Image Box Tile Horizontal Dimension
0072,0308 US Image Box Tile Vertical Dimension
0072,0310 CS Image Box Scroll Direction
0072,0312 CS Image Box Small Scroll Type
0072,0314 US Image Box Small Scroll Amount
0072,0316 CS Image Box Large Scroll Type
0072,0318 US Image Box Large Scroll Amount
0072,0320 US Image Box Overlap Priority
0072,0330 FD Cine Relative to Real-Time
0072,0400 SQ Filter Operations Sequence
0072,0402 CS Filter-by Category
0072,0404 CS Filter-by Attribute Presence
0072,0406 CS Filter-by Operator
0072,0500 CS Blending Operation Type
0072,0510 CS Reformatting Operation Type
0072,0512 FD Reformatting Thickness
0072,0514 FD Reformatting Interval
0072,0516 CS Reformatting Operation Initial View Direction
0072,0520 CS 3D Rendering Type
0072,0600 SQ Sorting Operations Sequence
0072,0602 CS Sort-by Category
0072,0604 CS Sorting Direction
0072,0700 CS Display Set Patient Orientation
0072,0702 CS VOI Type
0072,0704 CS Pseudo-color Type
0072,0706 CS Show Grayscale Inverted
0072,0710 CS Show Image True Size Flag
0072,0712 CS Show Graphic Annotation Flag
0072,0714 CS Show Patient Demographics Flag
0072,0716 CS Show Acquisition Techniques Flag
0072,0717 CS Display Set Horizontal Justification
0072,0718 CS Display Set Vertical Justification
0088,0130 SH Storage Media File-set ID
0088,0140 UI Storage Media File-set UID
0088,0200 SQ Icon Image Sequence
0088,0904 LO Topic Title
0088,0906 ST Topic Subject
0088,0910 LO Topic Author
0088,0912 LO Topic Keywords
0100,0410 CS SOP Instance Status
0100,0420 DT SOP Authorization Date and Time
0100,0424 LT SOP Authorization Comment
0100,0426 LO Authorization Equipment Certification Number
0400,0005 US MAC ID Number
0400,0010 UI MAC Calculation Transfer Syntax UID
0400,0015 CS MAC Algorithm
0400,0020 AT Data Elements Signed
0400,0100 UI Digital Signature UID
0400,0105 DT Digital Signature DateTime
0400,0110 CS Certificate Type
0400,0115 OB Certificate of Signer
0400,0120 OB Signature
0400,0305 CS Certified Timestamp Type
0400,0310 OB Certified Timestamp
0400,0401 SQ Digital Signature Purpose Code Sequence
0400,0402 SQ Referenced Digital Signature Sequence
0400,0403 SQ Referenced SOP Instance MAC Sequence
0400,0404 OB MAC
0400,0500 SQ Encrypted Attributes Sequence
0400,0510 UI Encrypted Content Transfer Syntax UID
0400,0520 OB Encrypted Content
0400,0550 SQ Modified Attributes Sequence
0400,0561 SQ Original Attributes Sequence
0400,0562 DT Attribute Modification Datetime
0400,0563 LO Modifying System
0400,0564 LO Source of Previous Values
0400,0565 CS Reason for the Attribute Modification
2000,0010 IS Number of Copies
2000,001E SQ Printer Configuration Sequence
2000,0020 CS Print Priority
2000,0030 CS Medium Type
2000,0040 CS Film Destination
2000,0050 LO Film Session Label
2000,0060 IS Memory Allocation
2000,0061 IS Maximum Memory Allocation
2000,0062 CS Color Image Printing Flag
2000,0063 CS Collation Flag
2000,0065 CS Annotation Flag
2000,0067 CS Image Overlay Flag
2000,0069 CS Presentation LUT Flag
2000,006A CS Image Box Presentation LUT Flag
2000,00A0 US Memory Bit Depth
2000,00A1 US Printing Bit Depth
2000,00A2 SQ Media Installed Sequence
2000,00A4 SQ Other Media Available Sequence
2000,00A8 SQ Supported Image Display Formats Sequence
2000,0500 SQ Referenced Film Box Sequence
2000,0510 SQ Referenced Stored Print Sequence
2010,0010 ST Image Display Format
2010,0030 CS Annotation Display Format ID
2010,0040 CS Film Orientation
2010,0050 CS Film Size ID
2010,0052 CS Printer Resolution ID
2010,0054 CS Default Printer Resolution ID
2010,0060 CS Magnification Type
2010,0080 CS Smoothing Type
2010,00A6 CS Default Magnification Type
2010,00A7 CS Other Magnification Types Available
2010,00A8 CS Default Smoothing Type
2010,00A9 CS Other Smoothing Types Available
2010,0100 CS Border Density
2010,0110 CS Empty Image Density
2010,0120 US Min Density
2010,0130 US Max Density
2010,0140 CS Trim
2010,0150 ST Configuration Information
2010,0152 LT Configuration Information Description
2010,0154 IS Maximum Collated Films
2010,015E US Illumination
2010,0160 US Reflected Ambient Light
2010,0376 DS Printer Pixel Spacing
2010,0500 SQ Referenced Film Session Sequence
2010,0510 SQ Referenced Image Box Sequence
2010,0520 SQ Referenced Basic Annotation Box Sequence
2020,0010 US Image Position
2020,0020 CS Polarity
2020,0030 DS Requested Image Size
2020,0040 CS Requested Decimate/Crop Behavior
2020,0050 CS Requested Resolution ID
2020,00A0 CS Requested Image Size Flag
2020,00A2 CS Decimate/Crop Result
2020,0110 SQ Basic Grayscale Image Sequence
2020,0111 SQ Basic Color Image Sequence
2020,0130 SQ Referenced Image Overlay Box Sequence
2020,0140 SQ Referenced VOI LUT Box Sequence
2030,0010 US Annotation Position
2030,0020 LO Text String
2040,0010 SQ Referenced Overlay Plane Sequence
2040,0011 US Referenced Overlay Plane Groups
2040,0020 SQ Overlay Pixel Data Sequence
2040,0060 CS Overlay Magnification Type
2040,0070 CS Overlay Smoothing Type
2040,0072 CS Overlay or Image Magnification
2040,0074 US Magnify to Number of Columns
2040,0080 CS Overlay Foreground Density
2040,0082 CS Overlay Background Density
2040,0090 CS Overlay Mode
2040,0100 CS Threshold Density
2040,0500 SQ Referenced Image Box Sequence
2050,0010 SQ Presentation LUT Sequence
2050,0020 CS Presentation LUT Shape
2050,0500 SQ Referenced Presentation LUT Sequence
2100,0010 SH Print Job ID
2100,0020 CS Execution Status
2100,0030 CS Execution Status Info
2100,0040 DA Creation Date
2100,0050 TM Creation Time
2100,0070 AE Originator
2100,0140 AE Destination AE
2100,0160 SH Owner ID
2100,0170 IS Number of Films
2100,0500 SQ Referenced Print Job Sequence (Pull Stored Print)
2110,0010 CS Printer Status
2110,0020 CS Printer Status Info
2110,0030 LO Printer Name
2110,0099 SH Print Queue ID
2120,0010 CS Queue Status
2120,0050 SQ Print Job Description Sequence
2120,0070 SQ Referenced Print Job Sequence
2130,0010 SQ Print Management Capabilities Sequence
2130,0015 SQ Printer Characteristics Sequence
2130,0030 SQ Film Box Content Sequence
2130,0040 SQ Image Box Content Sequence
2130,0050 SQ Annotation Content Sequence
2130,0060 SQ Image Overlay Box Content Sequence
2130,0080 SQ Presentation LUT Content Sequence
2130,00A0 SQ Proposed Study Sequence
2130,00C0 SQ Original Image Sequence
2200,0001 CS Label Using Information Extracted From Instances
2200,0002 UT Label Text
2200,0003 CS Label Style Selection
2200,0004 LT Media Disposition
2200,0005 LT Barcode Value
2200,0006 CS Barcode Symbology
2200,0007 CS Allow Media Splitting
2200,0008 CS Include Non-DICOM Objects
2200,0009 CS Include Display Application
2200,000A CS Preserve Composite Instances After Media Creation
2200,000B US Total Number of Pieces of Media Created
2200,000C LO Requested Media Application Profile
2200,000D SQ Referenced Storage Media Sequence
2200,000E AT Failure Attributes
2200,000F CS Allow Lossy Compression
2200,0020 CS Request Priority
3002,0002 SH RT Image Label
3002,0003 LO RT Image Name
3002,0004 ST RT Image Description
3002,000A CS Reported Values Origin
3002,000C CS RT Image Plane
3002,000D DS X-Ray Image Receptor Translation
3002,000E DS X-Ray Image Receptor Angle
3002,0010 DS RT Image Orientation
3002,0011 DS Image Plane Pixel Spacing
3002,0012 DS RT Image Position
3002,0020 SH Radiation Machine Name
3002,0022 DS Radiation Machine SAD
3002,0024 DS Radiation Machine SSD
3002,0026 DS RT Image SID
3002,0028 DS Source to Reference Object Distance
3002,0029 IS Fraction Number
3002,0030 SQ Exposure Sequence
3002,0032 DS Meterset Exposure
3002,0034 DS Diaphragm Position
3002,0040 SQ Fluence Map Sequence
3002,0041 CS Fluence Data Source
3002,0042 DS Fluence Data Scale
3004,0001 CS DVH Type
3004,0002 CS Dose Units
3004,0004 CS Dose Type
3004,0006 LO Dose Comment
3004,0008 DS Normalization Point
3004,000A CS Dose Summation Type
3004,000C DS Grid Frame Offset Vector
3004,000E DS Dose Grid Scaling
3004,0010 SQ RT Dose ROI Sequence
3004,0012 DS Dose Value
3004,0014 CS Tissue Heterogeneity Correction
3004,0040 DS DVH Normalization Point
3004,0042 DS DVH Normalization Dose Value
3004,0050 SQ DVH Sequence
3004,0052 DS DVH Dose Scaling
3004,0054 CS DVH Volume Units
3004,0056 IS DVH Number of Bins
3004,0058 DS DVH Data
3004,0060 SQ DVH Referenced ROI Sequence
3004,0062 CS DVH ROI Contribution Type
3004,0070 DS DVH Minimum Dose
3004,0072 DS DVH Maximum Dose
3004,0074 DS DVH Mean Dose
3006,0002 SH Structure Set Label
3006,0004 LO Structure Set Name
3006,0006 ST Structure Set Description
3006,0008 DA Structure Set Date
3006,0009 TM Structure Set Time
3006,0010 SQ Referenced Frame of Reference Sequence
3006,0012 SQ RT Referenced Study Sequence
3006,0014 SQ RT Referenced Series Sequence
3006,0016 SQ Contour Image Sequence
3006,0020 SQ Structure Set ROI Sequence
3006,0022 IS ROI Number
3006,0024 UI Referenced Frame of Reference UID
3006,0026 LO ROI Name
3006,0028 ST ROI Description
3006,002A IS ROI Display Color
3006,002C DS ROI Volume
3006,0030 SQ RT Related ROI Sequence
3006,0033 CS RT ROI Relationship
3006,0036 CS ROI Generation Algorithm
3006,0038 LO ROI Generation Description
3006,0039 SQ ROI Contour Sequence
3006,0040 SQ Contour Sequence
3006,0042 CS Contour Geometric Type
3006,0044 DS Contour Slab Thickness
3006,0045 DS Contour Offset Vector
3006,0046 IS Number of Contour Points
3006,0048 IS Contour Number
3006,0049 IS Attached Contours
3006,0050 DS Contour Data
3006,0080 SQ RT ROI Observations Sequence
3006,0082 IS Observation Number
3006,0084 IS Referenced ROI Number
3006,0085 SH ROI Observation Label
3006,0086 SQ RT ROI Identification Code Sequence
3006,0088 ST ROI Observation Description
3006,00A0 SQ Related RT ROI Observations Sequence
3006,00A4 CS RT ROI Interpreted Type
3006,00A6 PN ROI Interpreter
3006,00B0 SQ ROI Physical Properties Sequence
3006,00B2 CS ROI Physical Property
3006,00B4 DS ROI Physical Property Value
3006,00C0 SQ Frame of Reference Relationship Sequence
3006,00C2 UI Related Frame of Reference UID
3006,00C4 CS Frame of Reference Transformation Type
3006,00C6 DS Frame of Reference Transformation Matrix
3006,00C8 LO Frame of Reference Transformation Comment
3008,0010 SQ Measured Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0012 ST Measured Dose Description
3008,0014 CS Measured Dose Type
3008,0016 DS Measured Dose Value
3008,0020 SQ Treatment Session Beam Sequence
3008,0021 SQ Treatment Session Ion Beam Sequence
3008,0022 IS Current Fraction Number
3008,0024 DA Treatment Control Point Date
3008,0025 TM Treatment Control Point Time
3008,002A CS Treatment Termination Status
3008,002B SH Treatment Termination Code
3008,002C CS Treatment Verification Status
3008,0030 SQ Referenced Treatment Record Sequence
3008,0032 DS Specified Primary Meterset
3008,0033 DS Specified Secondary Meterset
3008,0036 DS Delivered Primary Meterset
3008,0037 DS Delivered Secondary Meterset
3008,003A DS Specified Treatment Time
3008,003B DS Delivered Treatment Time
3008,0040 SQ Control Point Delivery Sequence
3008,0041 SQ Ion Control Point Delivery Sequence
3008,0042 DS Specified Meterset
3008,0044 DS Delivered Meterset
3008,0045 FL Meterset Rate Set
3008,0046 FL Meterset Rate Delivered
3008,0047 FL Scan Spot Metersets Delivered
3008,0048 DS Dose Rate Delivered
3008,0050 SQ Treatment Summary Calculated Dose Reference
3008,0052 DS Cumulative Dose to Dose Reference
3008,0054 DA First Treatment Date
3008,0056 DA Most Recent Treatment Date
3008,005A IS Number of Fractions Delivered
3008,0060 SQ Override Sequence
3008,0061 AT Parameter Sequence Pointer
3008,0062 AT Override Parameter Pointer
3008,0063 IS Parameter Item Index
3008,0064 IS Measured Dose Reference Number
3008,0065 AT Parameter Pointer
3008,0066 ST Override Reason
3008,0068 SQ Corrected Parameter Sequence
3008,006A FL Correction Value
3008,0070 SQ Calculated Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0072 IS Calculated Dose Reference Number
3008,0074 ST Calculated Dose Reference Description
3008,0076 DS Calculated Dose Reference Dose Value
3008,0078 DS Start Meterset
3008,007A DS End Meterset
3008,0080 SQ Referenced Measured Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0082 IS Referenced Measured Dose Reference Number
3008,0090 SQ Referenced Calculated Dose Reference Sequence
3008,0092 IS Referenced Calculated Dose Reference Number
3008,00A0 SQ Beam Limiting Device Leaf Pairs Sequence
3008,00B0 SQ Recorded Wedge Sequence
3008,00C0 SQ Recorded Compensator Sequence
3008,00D0 SQ Recorded Block Sequence
3008,00E0 SQ Treatment Summary Measured Dose Reference
3008,00F0 SQ Recorded Snout Sequence
3008,00F2 SQ Recorded Range Shifter Sequence
3008,00F4 SQ Recorded Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
3008,00F6 SQ Recorded Range Modulator Sequence
3008,0100 SQ Recorded Source Sequence
3008,0105 LO Source Serial Number
3008,0110 SQ Treatment Session Application Setup Sequence
3008,0116 CS Application Setup Check
3008,0120 SQ Recorded Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
3008,0122 IS Referenced Brachy Accessory Device Number
3008,0130 SQ Recorded Channel Sequence
3008,0132 DS Specified Channel Total Time
3008,0134 DS Delivered Channel Total Time
3008,0136 IS Specified Number of Pulses
3008,0138 IS Delivered Number of Pulses
3008,013A DS Specified Pulse Repetition Interval
3008,013C DS Delivered Pulse Repetition Interval
3008,0140 SQ Recorded Source Applicator Sequence
3008,0142 IS Referenced Source Applicator Number
3008,0150 SQ Recorded Channel Shield Sequence
3008,0152 IS Referenced Channel Shield Number
3008,0160 SQ Brachy Control Point Delivered Sequence
3008,0162 DA Safe Position Exit Date
3008,0164 TM Safe Position Exit Time
3008,0166 DA Safe Position Return Date
3008,0168 TM Safe Position Return Time
3008,0200 CS Current Treatment Status
3008,0202 ST Treatment Status Comment
3008,0220 SQ Fraction Group Summary Sequence
3008,0223 IS Referenced Fraction Number
3008,0224 CS Fraction Group Type
3008,0230 CS Beam Stopper Position
3008,0240 SQ Fraction Status Summary Sequence
3008,0250 DA Treatment Date
3008,0251 TM Treatment Time
300A,0002 SH RT Plan Label
300A,0003 LO RT Plan Name
300A,0004 ST RT Plan Description
300A,0006 DA RT Plan Date
300A,0007 TM RT Plan Time
300A,0009 LO Treatment Protocols
300A,000A CS Plan Intent
300A,000B LO Treatment Sites
300A,000C CS RT Plan Geometry
300A,000E ST Prescription Description
300A,0010 SQ Dose Reference Sequence
300A,0012 IS Dose Reference Number
300A,0013 UI Dose Reference UID
300A,0014 CS Dose Reference Structure Type
300A,0015 CS Nominal Beam Energy Unit
300A,0016 LO Dose Reference Description
300A,0018 DS Dose Reference Point Coordinates
300A,001A DS Nominal Prior Dose
300A,0020 CS Dose Reference Type
300A,0021 DS Constraint Weight
300A,0022 DS Delivery Warning Dose
300A,0023 DS Delivery Maximum Dose
300A,0025 DS Target Minimum Dose
300A,0026 DS Target Prescription Dose
300A,0027 DS Target Maximum Dose
300A,0028 DS Target Underdose Volume Fraction
300A,002A DS Organ at Risk Full-volume Dose
300A,002B DS Organ at Risk Limit Dose
300A,002C DS Organ at Risk Maximum Dose
300A,002D DS Organ at Risk Overdose Volume Fraction
300A,0040 SQ Tolerance Table Sequence
300A,0042 IS Tolerance Table Number
300A,0043 SH Tolerance Table Label
300A,0044 DS Gantry Angle Tolerance
300A,0046 DS Beam Limiting Device Angle Tolerance
300A,0048 SQ Beam Limiting Device Tolerance Sequence
300A,004A DS Beam Limiting Device Position Tolerance
300A,004B FL Snout Position Tolerance
300A,004C DS Patient Support Angle Tolerance
300A,004E DS Table Top Eccentric Angle Tolerance
300A,004F FL Table Top Pitch Angle Tolerance
300A,0050 FL Table Top Roll Angle Tolerance
300A,0051 DS Table Top Vertical Position Tolerance
300A,0052 DS Table Top Longitudinal Position Tolerance
300A,0053 DS Table Top Lateral Position Tolerance
300A,0055 CS RT Plan Relationship
300A,0070 SQ Fraction Group Sequence
300A,0071 IS Fraction Group Number
300A,0072 LO Fraction Group Description
300A,0078 IS Number of Fractions Planned
300A,0079 IS Number of Fraction Pattern Digits Per Day
300A,007A IS Repeat Fraction Cycle Length
300A,007B LT Fraction Pattern
300A,0080 IS Number of Beams
300A,0082 DS Beam Dose Specification Point
300A,0084 DS Beam Dose
300A,0086 DS Beam Meterset
300A,0088 FL Beam Dose Point Depth
300A,0089 FL Beam Dose Point Equivalent Depth
300A,008A FL Beam Dose Point SSD
300A,00A0 IS Number of Brachy Application Setups
300A,00A2 DS Brachy Application Setup Dose Specification Point
300A,00A4 DS Brachy Application Setup Dose
300A,00B0 SQ Beam Sequence
300A,00B2 SH Treatment Machine Name
300A,00B3 CS Primary Dosimeter Unit
300A,00B4 DS Source-Axis Distance
300A,00B6 SQ Beam Limiting Device Sequence
300A,00B8 CS RT Beam Limiting Device Type
300A,00BA DS Source to Beam Limiting Device Distance
300A,00BB FL Isocenter to Beam Limiting Device Distance
300A,00BC IS Number of Leaf/Jaw Pairs
300A,00BE DS Leaf Position Boundaries
300A,00C0 IS Beam Number
300A,00C2 LO Beam Name
300A,00C3 ST Beam Description
300A,00C4 CS Beam Type
300A,00C6 CS Radiation Type
300A,00C7 CS High-Dose Technique Type
300A,00C8 IS Reference Image Number
300A,00CA SQ Planned Verification Image Sequence
300A,00CC LO Imaging Device-Specific Acquisition Parameters
300A,00CE CS Treatment Delivery Type
300A,00D0 IS Number of Wedges
300A,00D1 SQ Wedge Sequence
300A,00D2 IS Wedge Number
300A,00D3 CS Wedge Type
300A,00D4 SH Wedge ID
300A,00D5 IS Wedge Angle
300A,00D6 DS Wedge Factor
300A,00D7 FL Total Wedge Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,00D8 DS Wedge Orientation
300A,00D9 FL Isocenter to Wedge Tray Distance
300A,00DA DS Source to Wedge Tray Distance
300A,00DB FL Wedge Thin Edge Position
300A,00DC SH Bolus ID
300A,00DD ST Bolus Description
300A,00E0 IS Number of Compensators
300A,00E1 SH Material ID
300A,00E2 DS Total Compensator Tray Factor
300A,00E3 SQ Compensator Sequence
300A,00E4 IS Compensator Number
300A,00E5 SH Compensator ID
300A,00E6 DS Source to Compensator Tray Distance
300A,00E7 IS Compensator Rows
300A,00E8 IS Compensator Columns
300A,00E9 DS Compensator Pixel Spacing
300A,00EA DS Compensator Position
300A,00EB DS Compensator Transmission Data
300A,00EC DS Compensator Thickness Data
300A,00ED IS Number of Boli
300A,00EE CS Compensator Type
300A,00F0 IS Number of Blocks
300A,00F2 DS Total Block Tray Factor
300A,00F3 FL Total Block Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,00F4 SQ Block Sequence
300A,00F5 SH Block Tray ID
300A,00F6 DS Source to Block Tray Distance
300A,00F7 FL Isocenter to Block Tray Distance
300A,00F8 CS Block Type
300A,00F9 LO Accessory Code
300A,00FA CS Block Divergence
300A,00FB CS Block Mounting Position
300A,00FC IS Block Number
300A,00FE LO Block Name
300A,0100 DS Block Thickness
300A,0102 DS Block Transmission
300A,0104 IS Block Number of Points
300A,0106 DS Block Data
300A,0107 SQ Applicator Sequence
300A,0108 SH Applicator ID
300A,0109 CS Applicator Type
300A,010A LO Applicator Description
300A,010C DS Cumulative Dose Reference Coefficient
300A,010E DS Final Cumulative Meterset Weight
300A,0110 IS Number of Control Points
300A,0111 SQ Control Point Sequence
300A,0112 IS Control Point Index
300A,0114 DS Nominal Beam Energy
300A,0115 DS Dose Rate Set
300A,0116 SQ Wedge Position Sequence
300A,0118 CS Wedge Position
300A,011A SQ Beam Limiting Device Position Sequence
300A,011C DS Leaf/Jaw Positions
300A,011E DS Gantry Angle
300A,011F CS Gantry Rotation Direction
300A,0120 DS Beam Limiting Device Angle
300A,0121 CS Beam Limiting Device Rotation Direction
300A,0122 DS Patient Support Angle
300A,0123 CS Patient Support Rotation Direction
300A,0124 DS Table Top Eccentric Axis Distance
300A,0125 DS Table Top Eccentric Angle
300A,0126 CS Table Top Eccentric Rotation Direction
300A,0128 DS Table Top Vertical Position
300A,0129 DS Table Top Longitudinal Position
300A,012A DS Table Top Lateral Position
300A,012C DS Isocenter Position
300A,012E DS Surface Entry Point
300A,0130 DS Source to Surface Distance
300A,0134 DS Cumulative Meterset Weight
300A,0140 FL Table Top Pitch Angle
300A,0142 CS Table Top Pitch Rotation Direction
300A,0144 FL Table Top Roll Angle
300A,0146 CS Table Top Roll Rotation Direction
300A,0148 FL Head Fixation Angle
300A,014A FL Gantry Pitch Angle
300A,014C CS Gantry Pitch Rotation Direction
300A,014E FL Gantry Pitch Angle Tolerance
300A,0180 SQ Patient Setup Sequence
300A,0182 IS Patient Setup Number
300A,0183 LO Patient Setup Label
300A,0184 LO Patient Additional Position
300A,0190 SQ Fixation Device Sequence
300A,0192 CS Fixation Device Type
300A,0194 SH Fixation Device Label
300A,0196 ST Fixation Device Description
300A,0198 SH Fixation Device Position
300A,0199 FL Fixation Device Pitch Angle
300A,019A FL Fixation Device Roll Angle
300A,01A0 SQ Shielding Device Sequence
300A,01A2 CS Shielding Device Type
300A,01A4 SH Shielding Device Label
300A,01A6 ST Shielding Device Description
300A,01A8 SH Shielding Device Position
300A,01B0 CS Setup Technique
300A,01B2 ST Setup Technique Description
300A,01B4 SQ Setup Device Sequence
300A,01B6 CS Setup Device Type
300A,01B8 SH Setup Device Label
300A,01BA ST Setup Device Description
300A,01BC DS Setup Device Parameter
300A,01D0 ST Setup Reference Description
300A,01D2 DS Table Top Vertical Setup Displacement
300A,01D4 DS Table Top Longitudinal Setup Displacement
300A,01D6 DS Table Top Lateral Setup Displacement
300A,0200 CS Brachy Treatment Technique
300A,0202 CS Brachy Treatment Type
300A,0206 SQ Treatment Machine Sequence
300A,0210 SQ Source Sequence
300A,0212 IS Source Number
300A,0214 CS Source Type
300A,0216 LO Source Manufacturer
300A,0218 DS Active Source Diameter
300A,021A DS Active Source Length
300A,0222 DS Source Encapsulation Nominal Thickness
300A,0224 DS Source Encapsulation Nominal Transmission
300A,0226 LO Source Isotope Name
300A,0228 DS Source Isotope Half Life
300A,0229 CS Source Strength Units
300A,022A DS Reference Air Kerma Rate
300A,022B DS Source Strength
300A,022C DA Source Strength Reference Date
300A,022E TM Source Strength Reference Time
300A,0230 SQ Application Setup Sequence
300A,0232 CS Application Setup Type
300A,0234 IS Application Setup Number
300A,0236 LO Application Setup Name
300A,0238 LO Application Setup Manufacturer
300A,0240 IS Template Number
300A,0242 SH Template Type
300A,0244 LO Template Name
300A,0250 DS Total Reference Air Kerma
300A,0260 SQ Brachy Accessory Device Sequence
300A,0262 IS Brachy Accessory Device Number
300A,0263 SH Brachy Accessory Device ID
300A,0264 CS Brachy Accessory Device Type
300A,0266 LO Brachy Accessory Device Name
300A,026A DS Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Thickness
300A,026C DS Brachy Accessory Device Nominal Transmission
300A,0280 SQ Channel Sequence
300A,0282 IS Channel Number
300A,0284 DS Channel Length
300A,0286 DS Channel Total Time
300A,0288 CS Source Movement Type
300A,028A IS Number of Pulses
300A,028C DS Pulse Repetition Interval
300A,0290 IS Source Applicator Number
300A,0291 SH Source Applicator ID
300A,0292 CS Source Applicator Type
300A,0294 LO Source Applicator Name
300A,0296 DS Source Applicator Length
300A,0298 LO Source Applicator Manufacturer
300A,029C DS Source Applicator Wall Nominal Thickness
300A,029E DS Source Applicator Wall Nominal Transmission
300A,02A0 DS Source Applicator Step Size
300A,02A2 IS Transfer Tube Number
300A,02A4 DS Transfer Tube Length
300A,02B0 SQ Channel Shield Sequence
300A,02B2 IS Channel Shield Number
300A,02B3 SH Channel Shield ID
300A,02B4 LO Channel Shield Name
300A,02B8 DS Channel Shield Nominal Thickness
300A,02BA DS Channel Shield Nominal Transmission
300A,02C8 DS Final Cumulative Time Weight
300A,02D0 SQ Brachy Control Point Sequence
300A,02D2 DS Control Point Relative Position
300A,02D4 DS Control Point 3D Position
300A,02D6 DS Cumulative Time Weight
300A,02E0 CS Compensator Divergence
300A,02E1 CS Compensator Mounting Position
300A,02E2 DS Source to Compensator Distance
300A,02E3 FL Total Compensator Tray Water-Equivalent Thickness
300A,02E4 FL Isocenter to Compensator Tray Distance
300A,02E5 FL Compensator Column Offset
300A,02E6 FL Isocenter to Compensator Distances
300A,02E7 FL Compensator Relative Stopping Power Ratio
300A,02E8 FL Compensator Milling Tool Diameter
300A,02EA SQ Ion Range Compensator Sequence
300A,0302 IS Radiation Mass Number
300A,0304 IS Radiation Atomic Number
300A,0306 SS Radiation Charge State
300A,0308 CS Scan Mode
300A,030A FL Virtual Source-Axis Distances
300A,030C SQ Snout Sequence
300A,030D FL Snout Position
300A,030F SH Snout ID
300A,0312 IS Number of Range Shifters
300A,0314 SQ Range Shifter Sequence
300A,0316 IS Range Shifter Number
300A,0318 SH Range Shifter ID
300A,0320 CS Range Shifter Type
300A,0322 LO Range Shifter Description
300A,0330 IS Number of Lateral Spreading Devices
300A,0332 SQ Lateral Spreading Device Sequence
300A,0334 IS Lateral Spreading Device Number
300A,0336 SH Lateral Spreading Device ID
300A,0338 CS Lateral Spreading Device Type
300A,033A LO Lateral Spreading Device Description
300A,033C FL Lateral Spreading Device Water Equivalent Thickness
300A,0340 IS Number of Range Modulators
300A,0342 SQ Range Modulator Sequence
300A,0344 IS Range Modulator Number
300A,0346 SH Range Modulator ID
300A,0348 CS Range Modulator Type
300A,034A LO Range Modulator Description
300A,034C SH Beam Current Modulation ID
300A,0350 CS Patient Support Type
300A,0352 SH Patient Support ID
300A,0354 LO Patient Support Accessory Code
300A,0356 FL Fixation Light Azimuthal Angle
300A,0358 FL Fixation Light Polar Angle
300A,035A FL Meterset Rate
300A,0360 SQ Range Shifter Settings Sequence
300A,0362 LO Range Shifter Setting
300A,0364 FL Isocenter to Range Shifter Distance
300A,0366 FL Range Shifter Water Equivalent Thickness
300A,0370 SQ Lateral Spreading Device Settings Sequence
300A,0372 LO Lateral Spreading Device Setting
300A,0374 FL Isocenter to Lateral Spreading Device Distance
300A,0380 SQ Range Modulator Settings Sequence
300A,0382 FL Range Modulator Gating Start Value
300A,0384 FL Range Modulator Gating Stop Value
300A,0386 FL Range Modulator Gating Start Water Equivalent
300A,0388 FL Range Modulator Gating Stop Water Equivalent
300A,038A FL Isocenter to Range Modulator Distance
300A,0390 SH Scan Spot Tune ID
300A,0392 IS Number of Scan Spot Positions
300A,0394 FL Scan Spot Position Map
300A,0396 FL Scan Spot Meterset Weights
300A,0398 FL Scanning Spot Size
300A,039A IS Number of Paintings
300A,03A0 SQ Ion Tolerance Table Sequence
300A,03A2 SQ Ion Beam Sequence
300A,03A4 SQ Ion Beam Limiting Device Sequence
300A,03A6 SQ Ion Block Sequence
300A,03A8 SQ Ion Control Point Sequence
300A,03AA SQ Ion Wedge Sequence
300A,03AC SQ Ion Wedge Position Sequence
300A,0401 SQ Referenced Setup Image Sequence
300A,0402 ST Setup Image Comment
300A,0410 SQ Motion Synchronization Sequence
300C,0002 SQ Referenced RT Plan Sequence
300C,0004 SQ Referenced Beam Sequence
300C,0006 IS Referenced Beam Number
300C,0007 IS Referenced Reference Image Number
300C,0008 DS Start Cumulative Meterset Weight
300C,0009 DS End Cumulative Meterset Weight
300C,000A SQ Referenced Brachy Application Setup Sequence
300C,000C IS Referenced Brachy Application Setup Number
300C,000E IS Referenced Source Number
300C,0020 SQ Referenced Fraction Group Sequence
300C,0022 IS Referenced Fraction Group Number
300C,0040 SQ Referenced Verification Image Sequence
300C,0042 SQ Referenced Reference Image Sequence
300C,0050 SQ Referenced Dose Reference Sequence
300C,0051 IS Referenced Dose Reference Number
300C,0055 SQ Brachy Referenced Dose Reference Sequence
300C,0060 SQ Referenced Structure Set Sequence
300C,006A IS Referenced Patient Setup Number
300C,0080 SQ Referenced Dose Sequence
300C,00A0 IS Referenced Tolerance Table Number
300C,00B0 SQ Referenced Bolus Sequence
300C,00C0 IS Referenced Wedge Number
300C,00D0 IS Referenced Compensator Number
300C,00E0 IS Referenced Block Number
300C,00F0 IS Referenced Control Point Index
300C,00F2 SQ Referenced Control Point Sequence
300C,00F4 IS Referenced Start Control Point Index
300C,00F6 IS Referenced Stop Control Point Index
300C,0100 IS Referenced Range Shifter Number
300C,0102 IS Referenced Lateral Spreading Device Number
300C,0104 IS Referenced Range Modulator Number
300E,0002 CS Approval Status
300E,0004 DA Review Date
300E,0005 TM Review Time
300E,0008 PN Reviewer Name
4000,0010 LT Arbitrary
4000,4000 LT Text Comments
4008,0040 SH Results ID
4008,0042 LO Results ID Issuer
4008,0050 SQ Referenced Interpretation Sequence
4008,0100 DA Interpretation Recorded Date
4008,0101 TM Interpretation Recorded Time
4008,0102 PN Interpretation Recorder
4008,0103 LO Reference to Recorded Sound
4008,0108 DA Interpretation Transcription Date
4008,0109 TM Interpretation Transcription Time
4008,010A PN Interpretation Transcriber
4008,010B ST Interpretation Text
4008,010C PN Interpretation Author
4008,0111 SQ Interpretation Approver Sequence
4008,0112 DA Interpretation Approval Date
4008,0113 TM Interpretation Approval Time
4008,0114 PN Physician Approving Interpretation
4008,0115 LT Interpretation Diagnosis Description
4008,0117 SQ Interpretation Diagnosis Code Sequence
4008,0118 SQ Results Distribution List Sequence
4008,0119 PN Distribution Name
4008,011A LO Distribution Address
4008,0200 SH Interpretation ID
4008,0202 LO Interpretation ID Issuer
4008,0210 CS Interpretation Type ID
4008,0212 CS Interpretation Status ID
4008,0300 ST Impressions
4008,4000 ST Results Comments
4FFE,0001 SQ MAC Parameters Sequence
5200,9229 SQ Shared Functional Groups Sequence
5200,9230 SQ Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence
5400,0100 SQ Waveform Sequence
5400,0110 OW Channel Minimum Value
5400,0112 OW Channel Maximum Value
5400,1004 US Waveform Bits Allocated
5400,1006 CS Waveform Sample Interpretation
5400,100A OW Waveform Padding Value
5400,1010 OW Waveform Data
5600,0010 OF First Order Phase Correction Angle
5600,0020 OF Spectroscopy Data
7FE0,0010 OB Pixel Data
FFFA,FFFA SQ Digital Signatures Sequence
FFFC,FFFC OB Data Set Trailing Padding

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