Differences between IE and Firefox on Javascript and XML

IE Supported Code

Firefox Supported Code

Creating XML DOM object

Creating XML DOM object

xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

xmlDoc  = document.implementation.createDocument("","doc",null);

Make sure before loading the XML file you use the following lines of code

It is the same for Firefox

xmlDoc.async = false;xmlDoc.preserveWhiteSpace=true;

xmlDoc.async = false;xmlDoc.preserveWhiteSpace=true;

Loading an XML file

Loading an XML file

xmlDoc .load("XML Path");

xmlDoc.onload=function (){};xmlDoc .load("XML Path");

Here Firefox does not support loading of XML directly. So we should use a dummy function and then load XML.

Selecting Single Node in an XML with conditions

Selecting Single Node in an XML

xmlNode=xmlDoc.selectSingleNode("//Path[@Attribute='condition']/remaining path");

selectSingleNode is not supported in Firefox. We can use XML Path to do our job as given below.

function SelectSingleNode(xmlDoc, elementPath){   if (document.implementation && document.implementation.createDocument)      {         var nodes=document.evaluate(elementPath, xmlDoc, null, XPathResult.ANY_TYPE, null);var results=nodes.iterateNext();return results;       } }

To the above function we need to pass XML and the Element path like "//Path[@Attribute='condition']/remaining path" and access it as below

xmlNode=SelectSingleNode(xmlDoc ,"//Path[@Attribute='condition']/remaining path");

For getting value of particular Attribute

For getting value of particular Attribute

xmlNode.getAttribute("Attribute Name");   

Here we can use the code given below

xmlNode.attributes["Attribute Name"].value;    

To access the Text of the Single Node selected

To access the Text of the Single Node selected



Selecting Nodes list based on condition

Selecting Nodes list based on condition

xmlNodes= xmlDoc.selectNodes(“Node name Path [@attribute=’condition’]”) For ex: var xmlNodes = xmlDoc.selectNodes("//xNode[@xid='test']");

xmlNodes=xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName[“Node name Path”];For ex: var xmlNodes = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName[“xNode”];

Iterating through the Nodes List and selecting value of a particular Attribute

Iterating through the Nodes List and selecting value of a particular Attribute

for(var n=0;  n< xmlNodes.length; n++){var xid= xmlNodes (n).getAttribute("xid");} xmlNodes contains only the Nodes which has the Attribute xid and which has value ‘test’. If the Attribute value = ‘test’, then we are iterating through that Nodes only and retrieving the value of xid.

Here xmlNodes  contains all the list of Nodes which are having the Node Name “xNode”. for(var n=0;  n< xmlNodes.length; n++){  // For getting all the Attributes of the Node selected var getXmlAttributes = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Node name ")[n].attributes; // For selecting Attribute value based on condition, we should first get the Attributes List which contains the Attribute we need as below. var selectXmlAttribute = getXmlAttributes.getNamedItem("xid").value; // For retrieving the value of the Attribute based on Condition. if (selectXmlAttribute =="test") {   var xid= getXmlAttributes.getNamedItem("xid").value;}  

IE supports both () and [] braces while using document object

Firefox supports only [] braces while using document object.

Ex: document.forms(0); or document.forms[0];

Ex: or document.forms[0];

Use document.getElementById[“”] instead of document.all – Both are supported in IE  document.all is IE specific

In script tag never forget to mention type=”text/javascript”, as now a days all browsers implicitly know and support Java Script

For ex: <script language =”javascript” type = ”text/javascript”></script> 

Don’t close the script tag like <script language =”javascript” type = ”text/javascript”/> as some browsers like IE loads the first script, and then continues to look for a closing </script> tag.

Use:<script language =”javascript” type = ”text/javascript”></script> 

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