Debug GWT applications using Chrome browser

  1. In Eclipse, select the project, right-click to open the pop-up menu, select "Debug as" -> "4. Web application(running on external server)", in the new pop-up window, input the path of you application on the external web server: e.g. , click Ok button. 
  2. In the "Development Mode" tab in Eclipse, the whole address including the code server address will be displayed.  e.g. 
  3. You can either copy this address and paste into the address bar of Chrome browser or right-click then add browser to add Chrome browser to the menu.
  4. Now in Chrome browser open that whole address, it will then prompt to require the installation of GWT Developer Plugin, click the download icon to install it.
  5. Once it is installed, you can try reload the page, oops, it pops up an error message: Plugin failed to connect to hosted mode server at
  6. You need to add the remote web server to the allow list of the Dev plugin:

    • In the address bar of Chrome browser, type: chrome://extensions to list all the extensions:
    • Click options link of the GWT Developer Plugin:
    • add you remote web server's address, e.g. to the include list.
  7. Note: If you are not using external web server, you do not need to do step 5 - 6.


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