Convert Brasero .toc/bin Images into ISO format using cdrdao and bchunk

  • Install cdrdao and bchunk:
    sudo apt-get install cdrdao bchunk
  • Assume your .toc/.bin files are yourfile.toc and yourfile.bin, run the following commands:
    • toc2cue yourfile.toc yourfile.cue
    • bchunk yourfile.bin yourfile.cue yourfile.iso


  1. In my case, this generated a .cdr for each track in the toc file;


  2. @Luís: It's the same for me. But you can easily produce a ISO out of the cdr-files: Just use sox ... in terminal:

    sox source*.cdr target.iso

    I'll avoid toc in future and rip directly in FLAC/WAVE or I'll record an image in common bin/cue ... ^^

    All the best: Robin

    1. Damn it ... not ISO but WAVE! You're able to convert easily to wav by

      sox *.cdr file.wav

      Sorry ^^ Then you'll also have to manually change BINARY to WAVE in the cue, but that's it!