Blogger: Rename a label

  1. If you are using the new/updated Blogger interface, you need to switch back to the old interface.
  2. Activate "Posting" tab, the "Edit posts" subtab
  3. In the "Labels Actions...", select "New label...", the type the new label that you want to rename to, click "OK" to create the (new) label.

  4. In the "Labels" sidebar, click the (old) label you want to rename. It will then show all the posts with that (old) label.
  5. Select all the posts with the (old) label, in "Label Actions..." select that (old) label under "Remove Label" section:
  6. In "Label actions...", select the (new) label under "Apply Label" section
  7. After rename the label, you can switch back to the new/updated Blogger interface.


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