Droidhen Defender Game Hack

Droidhen Defender is an free Android game.

  • Root your device. Do not how to root your device? google + root
  • Install a root file manager app: super manager (free) or root explorer (non-free)

The game saves files at /data/data/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs, named: save0.xml save1.xml save2.xml

The save file is in the following format:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
<int name="magicStone" value="6" />
<string name="magicStonecheckValue">1e0e72ebd00ab9e2535db46431d29e93</string>
<int name="singleRetry" value="0" />
<int name="stage" value="2" />
<int name="gold" value="2200" />
<string name="goldcheckValue">a1a566f1d427b549f7b7c8dac5f0cb36</string>
<int name="hardMode" value="0" />

To change the values of gold and magic stone, we need to not only change the value of gold and magicStone, but also goldcheckValue and magicStonecheckValue. How to calculate the checkValue? Use the following fomula:

checkValue = md5(value+"checkChar") 

To calculate the checkValue for value 100000000:
  • If you are using Mac, run
    md5 -s 100000000checkChar
    in the Terminal window.
  • If you are using Linux run
    echo -n 100000000checkChar | md5sum
    in the terminal window
  • Or you can open this web page and type 100000000checkChar and click Calculate MD5 button

You should get the checkValue for 100000000,

  1. You can copy the file, e.g. save0.xml, to /mnt/sdcard/ using your root file manager: super manager.
  2. Edit it with text editor
    • Modify the gold and magicStone to 100000000
    • Modify the goldcheckValue and magicStonecheckValue to 4293191e6b63499927db54f204f7eb30
  3. You modified save0.xml looks like below:

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
    <int name="magicStone" value="100000000" />
    <string name="magicStonecheckValue">4293191e6b63499927db54f204f7eb30</string>
    <int name="singleRetry" value="0" />
    <int name="stage" value="2" />
    <int name="gold" value="100000000" />
    <string name="goldcheckValue">4293191e6b63499927db54f204f7eb30</string>
    <int name="hardMode" value="0" />
  4. Copy the modified save0.xml file back to /data/data/com.droidhen.defender/shared_prefs
  5. Start the game and load the saved file, you can now use the gold and magic stone to buy and upgrade anything.

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