How to download official ROM updates for your LG mobile phone

  1. Find your LG mobile phone's Model and Serial Number. e.g. My phone model is P690F and its S/N is 123ABCD123456(it is labeled under battery).
  2. Type the following address in your web browser's url field:[model]&esn=[serial_number]
    replace the [model] and [serial_number] with your LG phone's model and serial number.
  3. Type return to load the page. It should returns a string. You need to view the page source:
    • On Firefox: Tools -> Web Developer -> Page Source (Ctrl+U or Command+U)
    • On Safari: Right click blank area in the page, select View Source in the context menu
    • On IE: View -> Source
  4. Find the number inside <ESN></ESN> tag
  5. Type the following address in your web browser's url field:[esn_number]
    substitute the [esn_number] with the ESN number we get from last step.
  6. Load the page (it is a blank page in web browser), you need to view page source, you can then see the ROM update url inside <sw_url></sw_url> tag.

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  1. Hi! Well i just did all this steps but
    the web page doesnot load. It only stays frozen on the http adress. So, what can i do?


    1. The page is blank, you need to view page source to find the sw_url.

    2. To view page source, see

    3. OK, thanks a lot. I've finally got my cellphone system back.

      Thanks Wilson.

    4. This is what I get! Where should be that number inside the tag????

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?
    response req_cmd='check_model' status='FAIL'/