Telstra LG Optimus Spirit P690F V10F Chinese ROM

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  • How to flash V10F_00.kdz ROM(China Chinese/English)
    1. You need a Windows PC (Windows XP sp3 or Windows 7 32/64 bit)
    2. Download the V10F_00.kdz ROM(China Chinese/English)
    3. Download and install Windows USB driver
    4. Download and install Software Update utility
    5. Download and extract KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.7z
    6. Configure your phone: Settings -> Applications -> Development, Tick USB Debugging
    7. Connect your phone to the Windows PC using USB cable and wait until all the drivers are installed automatically
    8. Connect the phone but DO NOT turn on USB storage
    9. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe as Administrator
    10. Set Type: 3GQCT           Phone Mode: DIAG
    11. Select the V10F_00.kdz file
    12. Press Lauch Software Update to start and wait (for 6~10 minutes) until you see --FINISHED-- line. (In the meantime, your phone gets into Emergency mode.)
    13. The phone should reboot itself. For me, it failed to reboot, it hangs in the LG splash logo then reboots again infinitely. To fix it, turn off the phone and then press and hold the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons. Wait till you see the droid with the progress bar under it then release the buttons.

LG P690 Official ROM updates (.kdz)

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