ANT: built-in properties

basedir the absolute path of the project's basedir (as set with the basedir attribute of <project/>).
ant.filethe absolute path of the buildfile.
ant.versionthe version of Ant
ant.project.namethe name of the project that is currently executing; it is set in the name attribute of the .
ant.project.default-targetthe name of the currently executing project's default target; it is set via the default attribute of
ant.project.invoked-targetsa comma separated list of the targets that have been specified on the command line (the IDE, an <ant> task ...) when invoking the current project. JVM version Ant detected; currently it can hold the values "1.2", "1.3", "1.4", "1.5" and "1.6".
ant.core.libthe absolute path of the ant.jar file.
ant.homehome directory of Ant. It is set by the launcher script and therefore maybe not set inside IDEs:
ant.library.dirthe directory that has been used to load Ant's jars from. In most cases this is ANT_HOME/lib.It is only set if Ant is started via the Launcher class (which means it may not be set inside IDEs either)

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