Handbrake for Mac: How to limit the CPU usage

When converting videos using Handbrake on Mac, the fans go crazy. Because audio/video encoding is cpu intensive and by default Handbrake uses all the cpus/cores. To limit the cpu usage in Handbrake:

  1. Activate Advanced tab
  2. Append
    to the text area at the bottom of the tab


You can increase the number of threads to suit your needs: e.g.
if you have a quad-core mac.


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  2. I have a quad core i5, late 2015 iMac. This works if I set threads to 1... However, it's super slow. Two threads just jumps it back to max cpu usage.. There doesn't seem to be an in-between?

  3. Not sure what I am doing wrong. The Advanced option string box is empty and doesn't allow me to type into it. Any suggestions?