Android: configure 3CX softphone with Pennytel

To install and configure 3CX Phone to work with Penneytel:
Profiles -> Add New
  • Account:
    • Name: pennytel
    • Display Name: pennytel
  • Credentials:
    • User: 888XXXXXXX (your 10 digits pennytel number)
    • ID: 888XXXXXXX (your 10 digits pennytel number)
    • Password: Your_Pennytel_VoIP_Password
  • Server Settings:
    • I am Out of Office: (DO NOT tick)
    • Local PBX IP:
    • External PBX IP:
    • PBX port: 5060
    • STUN Server: (empty)
    • 3CX Tunnel: (DO NOT use/change)
    • Proxy:
  • Audio Settings:
    • Audio options: NO CHANGE
    • Audio codecs: NO CHANGE
  • Other Settings:
    • Advanced: NO CHANGE
    • Integration: NO CHANGE


  • To find your pennytel VoIP password, login to pennytel portal, click "Personal VoIP" in the left sidebar, activate "Settings" tab then "VoIP Settings" sub-tab, then click the + icon near "SIP Settings" in the right column.

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