Android Phone: temporarily avoiding poor connections and DHCP issues

Got a Huawei G526, it sometimes fails to connect to my wireless router(DynaLink RTA 1046VW) and displaying Temporarily avoiding poor connections and the WIFI signal strength is Excellent. I found:
  • Restart the wireless router can fix the issus most of the time.

However, it is very unconvenient that you have to restart the router every time when the problem occurs. And I do not think it is the problem of the wireless router because other devices connect to the router without problem. (Also I found the Android phone works without this problem on other wireless routers/networks. So it must be a compatibility issue between the andoird phone and my wireless router.)
Then I found how to disable Avoid poor connection:
  • Go to Settings
  • Turn on WIFI and get into WIFI
  • Touch Menu key then select Advanced
  • Uncheck Avoid poor connections

Now reconnect the WIFI, I got the WIFI status connected. However, I found I cannot actually connect to the internet because there is no IP address assigned. To check if the IP is assigned:
  • Go to Settings
  • Get into WIFI
  • Touch Menu key then select Advanced
  • See IP address

Why other devices can get DHCP working without problem but not this Android phone? I found it is an caching issue of the DHCP client on the Android phone. You can clear the DHCP cache and restart your WIFI to fix the issus if you have adb or root access.

However, not everyone can root the device or know to how to use adb. And every time the problem happens, you have to clear the cache. My solution is now using static IP instead of DHCP:
  • Go to Settings
  • Select the network and hover for the pop up menu
  • Select Modify network
  • Scroll down and check Show advanced options
  • Change IP settings from DHCP to Static
  • Set IP address to, change it according to your wireless router.
  • Set Gateway to, change it according to your wireless router.
  • Network prefix length: 24
  • DNS 1:, change it accoring to your wireless router.
  • Click Save button.

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