Distribute Mediaflux libraries to maven using Mediaflux web server

  1. Install the libraries as artifacts to your local maven repository. And it will generate and save the artifacts to $HOME/.m2/repository/com/arcitecta directory
  2. Copy the artifacts from the local repsitory to ${MFLUX_HOME}/www/
    mkdir -p $MFLUX_HOME/www/maven-repository/com/arcitecta
    cp -r $HOME/.m2/repository/com/arcitecta/* $MFLUX_HOME/www/maven-repository/com/arcitecta/
  3. In aterm, run the following command to create a http processor (to link the web directory):
    http.processor.create :app maven-repository :type file :authentication < :domain www-public :user www-public > :url maven-repository :translate maven-repository
    if your mediaflux is configured use https on a non-standard port, you need to specify :encryption-required "true" :encryption-port "8443" e.g. 8443 is the https server port.
  4. You can now include the repository in your maven project's pom.xml or $HOME/.m2/settings.xml:
  5. Also in your maven project's pom.xml, add the mediaflux libraries/artifacts in dependencies:

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