Python: encode integers to byte string

import struct
def int_to_bytes(value, size, big_endian=False):
bs = []
for i in range(size):
offset = i * 8
b = chr((value & (0xff << offset)) >> offset)
if big_endian:
bs.insert(0, b)
return b''.join(bs)

def int32_to_bytes(value, big_endian=False):
return int_to_bytes(value, 4, big_endian)

def int64_to_bytes(value, big_endian=False):
return int_to_bytes(value, 8, big_endian)

if __name__ == '__main__':
# the two commands below do the same
print(repr(int64_to_bytes(65536, big_endian=True)))
print(repr(struct.pack('>Q', 65536)))

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