Make Papaya Javascript DICOM viewer work in JavaFX WebView

When loading Papaya Javascript DICOM/NIFTI Viewer in a JavaFX WebView, it failed with error message:
Papaya requires Safari version 6 or higher.
So I checked WebKit version of JavaFX 8 using the following code:
WebView web = new WebView();
it shows the JavaFX 8 WebKit UserAgent information:
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/538.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) JavaFX/8.0 Safari/538.19
According to Safari version history, Safari 6.0 is based on WebKit 536.25, while Webkit in JavaFX 8 is 538.19. WebKit in JavaFX 8 is above Safari 6.0. The problem is the browser detection in Papaya could not detect the version. So the work around is to modify the Papaya source code to accept JavaFX 8 WebKit agent.
  1. Check out Papaya js:
    git clone
  2. Edit src/js/utilities/platform-utils.js, insert the following code:
    papaya.utilities.PlatformUtils.checkForBrowserCompatibility = function () {
        if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('JavaFX')>=0) {
            return null;
       ... ... ...
  3. Download and build Papaya-builder, then install it into Papaya/lib/:
    git clone
    cd Papaya-Builder
    cp build/papaya-builder.jar ../Papaya/lib/
  4. Build Papaya:
    cd Papaya
    ls build/

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