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GWT override css from theme

  • Create css file in com/myapp/client/resource/myapp.css:
    • body, table td, select {
        font-family: Helvetica, Arial Unicode MS, Arial, sans-serif;
        font-size: small;
      .my-css-class {
  • Create client bundle file:
    • package com.myapp.client;
      public interface Resources extends ClientBundle {
        public static final Resources INSTANCE = GWT.create(Resources.class);
        public interface Style extends CssResource {
        @ClientBundle.Source("resource/myapp.css") // relative path to the css file.
        @CssResource.NotStrict // No compile error if no css class in the css file.
        Style css();
  • In the entry point class:
    • package com.myapp.client;
      public class MyApp implements EntryPoint {
        public void onModuleLoadSafe() {
          // Inject the css
          // ... ... ...

Mediaflux example: tcl script to repair metadata with empty string as attribute

foreach id [xvalues id [asset.query :where xpath(daris:pssd-derivation/input/@vid)='' :size infinity]] {

    set args ":id ${id} :meta -action remove < :daris:pssd-derivation > :meta < :daris:pssd-derivation"

    set doc [xelement asset/meta/daris:pssd-derivation [asset.get :id ${id}]]

    set doc_id [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/@id ${doc}]

    set args "$args -id ${doc_id} < "

    set processed [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/processed ${doc}]

    set args "$args :processed ${processed}"

    foreach input [xvalues daris:pssd-derivation/input ${doc}] {

        set vid [xvalue asset/@vid [asset.get :cid ${input}]]

        set args "$args :input -vid ${vid} ${input}"


    set method [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/method ${doc}]

    set step [xvalue daris:pssd-derivation/method/@step ${doc}]

    set args "$args :method -step ${step} ${method}"

    set args "$args > >"

    puts "asset.set $args"
    asset.set $args


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UniSurf 8 Windows Tablet: Boot from USB

  1. Connect USB hub to the tablet and connect mouse and keyboard to the USB hub.
  2. Log into the Windows Environment, reboot to see BIOS.
  3. Set up BIOS as below:
    • Chipset
      • South Bridge
        • USB Configuration
          • USB OTG Support: PCI Mode
          • USB VBUS: OFF
    • Security
      • Secure boot menu
        • Secure boot: disabled
    • Boot
      • Setup prompt timeout: 15
      • Quiet boot: disabled
    • Save and Exit
      • Boot override
        • Select <your USB Flash Drive>
  4. Reboot from the USB