NFS Exports on Mac OS 10.5 Leopard

1. To create and /etc/exports file:

sudo vi /etc/exports

/Volumes/neonate -32bitclients -maproot=nobody -sec=sys -network -mask
/Volumes/bigmac -32bitclients -maproot=nobody -sec=sys -network -mask
/Volumes/primal -32bitclients -maproot=nobody -sec=sys -network -mask

1). The -maproot switch maps the root NFS User to nobody so that the client root user cannot modify/remove files on the file server. This is usually considered an good choice.

2). Using the -network and -mask switches to share the directories to any machine on the specified internal network.

3). –32bitclients is an important switch to solve the problem: Apple HFS+ over NFS 64 server has problems with 32bit non-Mac clients (Linux/Unix).

2. Now check if it is working:

sudo nfsd update

sudo nfsd checkexports

showmount -e

See Also: [ NFS share export options ("-32bitclients") where to set? ]

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