Repairing Windows Live Mail Quick Views

Window's Live Mail(WLM) 'Quick views' can 'break' when a folder is deleted in WLM(within an Account or under the Storage Folders), un-subscribing to a newsgroup, or by deletion of an RSS Feed.
Common symptoms of a broken/corrupted 'Quick views'  are an inaccurate message counter; a failure to display current messages; or a failure to display messages received, copied, or moved since the corruption.
To repair the Quick Views counter's functionality a registry edit is necessary(see Note of Caution below)

Repair Method:

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4.  Navigate(in the left hand pane) to the following location:
     HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\
5.  Click on Windows Live Mail(left hand pane) to reveal the key's content
6.  Using the cursor/scroll bar(right hand pane) find the entry 'SearchFolderVersion'
    - This entry is in the field/column with a header titled 'Name'
7.  Click on 'SearchFolderVersion' to highlight that single key
8.  Delete the entry  'SearchFolderVersion'
… …

More Detail:!F92775FC46A390CA!205.entry

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