GWT TabLayoutPanel CSS style required

TabLayoutPanel display's not correct in Browser. No Standard css is available. Tabs display only als Text. No Content of the Tabs is visible.

Fix: add the css styles below:

.gwt-TabLayoutPanel {
 height: 100%;

/** the tab bar */
.gwt-TabLayoutPanel .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTabs {

/** the individual tab in the tab bar */
.gwt-TabLayoutPanel .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTab {
 cursor: pointer;
 cursor: hand;
 color: black;
 min-width: 6em;
 background-color: #C4D0DB;
 font-size: 9pt;
 text-align: center;
 float: left;
 margin-right: 5px;

.gwt-TabLayoutPanel .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTab-selected {
 cursor: default;
 background-color: #ABBCCF;

.gwt-TabLayoutPanel .gwt-TabLayoutPanelContent {
 border:5px solid #ABBCCF;

.gwt-TabLayoutPanel .gwt-TabLayoutPanelTabInner {


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