Create an ISO image from CD or DVD

  • Using cat
    • cat /dev/scd0 > /home/wilson/myfile.iso
    • cat /dev/cdrom > /home/wilson/myfile.iso
    • cat /dev/dvd > /home/wilson/myfile.iso
  • Using dd
    • dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/home/wilson/myfile.iso
    • dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/wilson/myfile.iso
    • dd if=/dev/dvd of=/home/wilson/myfile.iso
  • Using Brasero Disc Burner
    1. Open Brasero Disc Burner: Applications -> Sound & Video -> Brasero Disc Burner
    2. In the main window, select/click "Disc Copy"
    3. In the new window, set "Image File" below "Select a disc to write to"
    4. Click "Create Image" button
    5. It creates a .toc&.bin files can be converted to .iso file by following this guide.

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