Install TOSHIBA eStudio 4540c printer on CentOS 6 Linux

  1. Download CUPS driver from Toshiba web site:
  2. Extract and install the driver (as root/sudo):
    cp eBX_CUPS_Colour_V7.13/normal/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.tar /tmp/
    rm -fr eBX_CUPS_Colour_V7.13
    cd /; sudo tar -xvf /tmp/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.tar
  3. Extract and rename the ppd file:
    cp /usr/share/cups/model/Toshiba/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.gz ~/Downloads
    cd ~/Downloads; gunzip ~/Downloads/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.gz; mv ~/Downloads/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS ~/Downloads/TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.ppd
  4. Install system-config-printer (if not installed yet):
    sudo yum install system-config-printer
  5. Go to system menu: System -> Administration -> Printing, then New Printer
  6. Select Network Printer, then LPD/LPR Host or Printer, type your printer host/ip address then click Probe button, when the Queue is detected, click Forward button.
  7. Select Provide PPD file and select the PPD file:
  8. Select the TOSHIBA_ColorMFP_CUPS.ppd file:
  9. Click Forward button to proceed:
  10. Set Model Selection to TOSHIBA e-STUDIO4540CSeries and click Forward:
  11. Set Printer name, description and location information, and click Apply button:

How to enable Department Code?

  1. Open http://localhost:631/printers in your web browser
  2. Click to select the Toshiba eStudio 4540c printer
  3. Select Maintenance and then Set Default Options
  4. Click Printing Modes

    then enable Department Code:
  5. Click Printing Modes DC then set the Department Code (DC) digits, and finally cick Set Default Options to save.

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