Shell script: A wrapper script executes Matlab script or commands in command line

GWT Developer's Plugin for Firefox 19


The latest official google gwt devmode plugin for firefox 19 (release candidate). You can download it and open it with Firefox to install.

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Matlab on Mac: This process is attempting to exclude an item from Time Machine by path without administrator privileges. This is not supported.

When start Matlab, get the warning message: This process is attempting to exclude an item from Time Machine by path without administrator privileges. This is not supported.

To get rid of it, run
sudo matlab
once. The warning message will not be shown next time even if without sudo.

Google Search: missing "Pages from Australia"

Could not find Pages from Australia link from google search result? It has been changed location to Search Tools then The Web:

common MIME Types

MIME Type Identification File Extension
application/acad AutoCAD dwg
application/arj compressed archive arj
application/astound Astound asd, asn
application/clariscad ClarisCAD ccad
application/drafting MATRA Prelude drafting drw
application/dxf DXF (AutoCAD) dxf
application/i-deas SDRC I-DEAS unv
application/iges IGES graphics format iges, igs
application/java-archive Java archive jar
application/mac-binhex40 Macintosh binary BinHex 4.0 hqx
application/msaccess Microsoft Access mdb
application/msexcel Microsoft Excel xla, xls, xlt, xlw
application/mspowerpoint Microsoft PowerPoint pot, pps, ppt
application/msproject Microsoft Project mpp
application/msword Microsoft Word doc, word, w6w
application/mswrite Microsoft Write wri
application/octet-stream uninterpreted binary bin
application/oda ODA oda
application/pdf Adobe Acrobat pdf
application/postscript PostScript ai, eps, ps
application/pro_eng PTC Pro/ENGINEER part, prt
application/rtf Rich Text Format rtf
application/set SET (French CAD) set
application/sla stereolithography stl
application/solids MATRA Prelude Solids sol
application/STEP ISO-10303 STEP data st, step, stp
application/vda VDA-FS Surface data vda
application/x-bcpio binary CPIO bcpio
application/x-cpio POSIX CPIO cpio
application/x-csh C-shell script csh
application/x-director Macromedia Director dcr, dir, dxr
application/x-dvi TeX DVI dvi
application/x-dwf AutoCAD dwf
application/x-gtar GNU tar gtar
application/x-gzip GNU ZIP gz, gzip
application/x-hdf NCSA HDF Data File hdf
application/x-javascript JavaScript js
application/x-latex LaTeX source latex
application/x-macbinary Macintosh compressed bin
application/x-midi MIDI mid
application/x-mif FrameMaker MIF mif
application/x-netcdf Unidata netCDF cdf, nc
application/x-sh Bourne shell script sh
application/x-shar shell archive shar
application/x-shockwave-flash Macromedia Shockwave swf
application/x-stuffit StuffIt archive sit
application/x-sv4cpio SVR4 CPIO sv4cpio
application/x-sv4crc SVR4 CPIO with CRC sv4crc
application/x-tar 4.3BSD tar format tar
application/x-tcl TCL script tcl
application/x-tex TeX source tex
application/x-texinfo Texinfo (Emacs) texi, texinfo
application/x-troff Troff roff, t, tr
application/x-troff-man Troff with MAN macros man
application/x-troff-me Troff with ME macros me
application/x-troff-ms Troff with MS macros ms
application/x-ustar POSIX tar format ustar
application/x-wais-source WAIS source src
application/x-winhelp Microsoft Windows help hlp
application/zip ZIP archive zip
audio/basic BASIC audio (u-law) au, snd
audio/midi MIDI mid, midi
audio/x-aiff AIFF audio aif, aifc, aiff
audio/x-mpeg MPEG audio mp3
audio/x-pn-realaudio RealAudio ra, ram
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin RealAudio plug-in rpm
audio/x-voice Voice voc
audio/x-wav Microsoft Windows WAVE audio wav
image/bmp Bitmap bmp
image/gif GIF image gif
image/ief Image Exchange Format ief
image/jpeg JPEG image jpe, jpeg, jpg
image/pict Macintosh PICT pict
image/png Portable Network Graphic png
image/tiff TIFF image tif, tiff
image/x-cmu-raster CMU raster ras
image/x-portable-anymap PBM Anymap format pnm
image/x-portable-bitmap PBM Bitmap format pbm
image/x-portable-graymap PBM Graymap format pgm
image/x-portable-pixmap PBM Pixmap format ppm
image/x-rgb RGB image rgb
image/x-xbitmap X Bitmap xbm
image/x-xpixmap X Pixmap xpm
image/x-xwindowdump X Window System dump xwd
multipart/x-gzip GNU ZIP archive gzip
multipart/x-zip PKZIP archive zip
text/html HTML htm, html
text/plain plain text C, cc, h, txt
text/richtext MIME Richtext rtx
text/tab-separated-values text with tabs tsv
text/x-setext Structurally Enhanced Text etx
text/x-sgml SGML sgm, sgml
video/mpeg MPEG video mpe, mpeg, mpg
video/msvideo Microsoft Windows video avi
video/quicktime QuickTime video mov, qt
video/vdo VDO streaming video vdo
video/vivo VIVO streaming video viv, vivo
video/x-sgi-movie SGI Movieplayer format movie
x-conference/x-cooltalk CoolTalk ice
x-world/x-svr Virtual reality svr
x-world/x-vrml VRML Worlds wrl
x-world/x-vrt Virtual reality vrt

Mac OS X(Java 7): Clean up cached applets

  1. Open "System preferences...", click "Java"
  2. Click "Reopen the Java Control Panel"
  3. In Java Control Panel, click View... button in Temporary Internet Files section:
  4. Select the java applet you want to delete and click delete icon on the top:

Mac OS X: disable spotlight indexing completely

  • To disable:
    sudo mdutil -a -i off
  • To re-enable:
    sudo mdutil -a -i on

See also

Mac OS X: disable spotlight indexing for external usb drive

  1. Open "System Preferences" -> "Spotlight"
  2. Activate Privacy tab, click + button and select the external drive to exclude from indexing.

Alternatively you can run commands in Terminal to disable spotlight indexing on a particular directory/drive.

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Google web toolkit plugin for Eclipse: Errors running builder 'Google WebApp Project Validator'

Getting this error: Errors running builder 'Google WebApp Project Validator' on project 'myproject'. when trying to build a project using ant from Eclipse. (I have a GWT project in my Eclipse workspace but the project I was trying to build has nothing to do with GWT.)

It is a bug from Google plugin for Eclipse. The work around is:
  1. In Eclipse, open "Preferences...", Select "Google", then "Web Toolkit"
  2. Select a valid GWT sdk then click "OK" button. It will rebuild your workspace and fix the error.
The bug exists in GWT 2.4.0 and 2.5.0.